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You have probably worked out that I’m not that into heavy dance music. I loved Acid House but not what House music became. And any how, these days I suffer from anxiety and anything with a heavy BPM sets off a panic attack. So I’m all about setting the right vibe and chilling out. Going through my vinyl collection I started putting together a collection of soul tracks which I’m calling a soulful chill.

There are 10 of them so far, most of the tracklists are listed below but the others can be found by subscribing to my Mixcloud stream for a small fee, your reward will be the tracklists for over 500 mixes !!! For as little as £2.99 a month, it’s like saying thank you by buying me a coffee x

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House Of The Rising Sun | A Soulful Chill


1 Jéan-Claude T. The Resume
2 Cyndee Peters House Of The Rising Sun
3 Eden Ahbez And John Harris Overcomers Of The World
4 The Rascals Little Dove
5 Wendel Stuart If
6 Al Johnson Peaceful
7 John Lehman Rosy
8 The People’s Workshop Let’s Get High
9 Light Of The World I’m So Happy
10 Stylus I Just Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Right Now
11 Craig T. Cooper Project I’ll Help You Get There
12 Essence Girl Without A Dream
13 Toast It’s Just An Illusion (Coming To Ya) (Instrumental)
14 Stroke Just Let Me Luv You [PITCH -3]
15 Vic Asher What Am I Gonna Do
16 Overholt, Tate and Phillips Baby Come Back
17 Holly Maxwell Never Love Again
18 Cleo Sol Gold
19 Leah Weller Dive In


Ole Sweet Music | A Soulful Chill


# Artist name Track name
1 Cyndee Peters Wayfaring Stranger
2 Billy Bailey Holy Crown
3 Don Crawford Fire Island Saturday
4 Holly Maxwell Winter Go Away
5 Esther Phillips That’s All Right With Me
6 Shira Small Here I Stand
7 Kelly Finnigan Catch Me I’m Falling
8 Experience Unlimited People
9 The Bees I Love You (Instrumental)
10 Toast It’s Just An Illusion (Coming To Ya)
11 Romeo Ooh Baby Baby
12 Darrel Pelton Moments Like This
13 Craig T. Cooper Project Love Dues
14 Magnetic Force Ole Sweet Music (Instrumental)
15 Kenya Collins And Mac Simmons I Don’t Want To Be Right
16 Keisa Brown & Underground Euphoria Let’s Go Back (To Our Little World)
17 Jeff And Penny Give Me A Piece Of Your Mind
18 Elijah Sterling The Girl I Fell In Love With


Solid Ground | A Soulful Chill


# Artist name Track name
1 Wee Aeroplane (Reprise)
2 Jéan-Claude T. Nude And Next To Nature Theme
3 J. Blackfoot featuring Ann Hines Tear Jerker
4 Joshie Jo Armstead & Alfonzo Ratliff By A Twist Of Fate In The Right Place
5 Electra Fyd Revue Emptiness
6 Sade Maureen
7 Yussef Dayes feat. Jamilah Barry Woman’s Touch
8 Eddie Chacon Sundown
9 Michael Kiwanuka Solid Ground
10 Terry Callier Sunset Boulevard
11 Kevin Moore Rainmaker
12 Satisfaction Gregory Shan’t
13 Brenda Russell In The Thick Of It
14 Smokey Robinson Quiet Storm
15 Brook Benton Glow Love
16 Garrett Scott Now That I Love You
17 Kellee Patterson Maiden Voyage
18 Daniel Bechet Saturday Night Flavour


From A Whisper To A Scream | A Soulful Chill


When I Prayed Last Night | A Soulful Chill


I Can Dig It Baby | A Soulful Chill


Hello Sunshine | A Soulful Chill


Everything Must Change | A Soulful Chill


Let’s Take A Look At Our Children | A Soulful Chill

  1. Lady by Tim Stevens & the Leonard Johnson Project
  2. Jersey by Tony Brown
  3. Summertime by Cleveland Francis
  4. Lefty by Charles Lamont
  5. These Are The Questions by Reggie Alexander
  6. Thats How It Is by Little Beaver
  7. Bet You Can’t Love Me One Time by Bill Spoon
  8. Back Up (Against Your Persuasion) by Black & Ward
  9. It Was September by Superior Elevation
  10. It’s Only A Dream (Love Mix) by York
  11. Early Ev’ry Midnite by Roberta Flack
  12. Let’s Take A Look At Our Children by Joe West And Sling Shot
  13. Turn To Me by Jerry Fuller
  14. Personal Movie by Bob Ray
  15. Ocean Of Tears by Trevor Beales
  16. Earth And Water Song by Humble Pie
  17. Water Lily by Don Moore
  18. Words Of Love by Leon Ware

Excuse Me (For The Strange Things I Do) | A Soulful Chill

  1. Sweetest Love by Moses
  2. Turn The Page (Instrumental) by Betty Lou Landreth
  3. Signs Of Winters Time (Instrumental) by Crystal Winds
  4. Emmie by Green Lyte Sunday
  5. Delta Man (Where I’m Comin’ From) by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
  6. Excuse Me (For The Strange Things I Do) by Moon Williams
  7. Purple Haze by Dion
  8. Be Thankful For What You Got, Part 1 by William DeVaughn
  9. Nevermore by Jerry Townes
  10. If I Could Have My Way by Pierre Ruffino
  11. See See Rider by Lou Gossett
  12. Look Over Your Shoulder by Reginald Haynes
  13. Nature Boy by Richard Barbary
  14. That’s Love by Sugar Hill
  15. Fix It by Lady Blackbird
  16. Professional by Gabriels
  17. My Dream by 79.5
  18. La La by The Stepkids
  19. Mystery Of Man (Rapson Re-Edit) by Sarah Vaughan

As Time Goes On | A Soulful Chill

  1. LaTime Flies by Benida Madison
  2. Empty Room by Evolution
  3. I Want To Be Ready by Billy Bailey
  4. Crying by Scott Fagan
  5. Love Song by Duffy Power
  6. Brother Orchid by Bobby Lee Fears
  7. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be by Terry Callier
  8. The Willow Tree (Demo) by Cleveland Francis
  9. Lullabye by Tony Brown
  10. Let Love Shine by Love, Unity And Virtue Featuring Howard Johnson
  11. Rainy Night In Georgia by Freddie North
  12. We Almost Lost Detroit by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
  13. Bend Your Head Low by Geoffrey Stoner
  14. As Time Goes On by Body & Soul
  15. Love Is A Thing by Icarus
  16. Hurt So Bad by Sandra Alexandra
  17. Collage by Lady Blackbird
  18. The World Loves A Fool by Jeb Loy Nichols With Cold Diamond & Mink
  19. Ron And Eddie Blues by Rod Abernethy

The Far Side Of The Hill | A Soulful Chill

  1. River Man by Andy Bey
  2. Lady Lisa by George Parks
  3. This Is My Confusion by Black & Ward
  4. You Can’t Blame Me by Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
  5. Going Out Of My Head by Gail Wynters
  6. Didn’t I by Darondo
  7. Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) by Quincy Jones
  8. Spin, Spin, Spin by Terry Callier
  9. The Far Side Of The Hill by Harry Belafonte
  10. Till I Saw You by Tony Brown
  11. A Test Of Love by Timothy
  12. Just Say the Word by Jerry Townes
  13. Movin’ Day by Brook Benton
  14. Oona’o by Reginald Haynes
  15. Sometimes by Trevor Dandy
  16. Poor Man’s Dream by Fernery Fair
  17. The Touch Of You by Brenda & The Tabulations
  18. Hard To Get A Thing Called Love by Tony Bruno

So The Saying Goes | A Soulful Chill

  1. Sweetest Love by Moses
  2. Hold On To Me by Colleen Lovett
  3. Jennifer by Tony Brown Band
  4. Song To You In The Morning by Broken Bow
  5. Wandering by Greenwood, Curlee & Clyde
  6. Ain’t No Sunshine by Jerry Farber Quartet Featuring Stephanie Pettis
  7. As I Walk by Poor Richard
  8. Friends by Gene Hood
  9. Kristina’s Lullaby by Parker MacDonell
  10. Moments To Want You by Jerry Lillard Band
  11. That’s The Way This World Has Got To Be (II) by Chris Lucey
  12. Silly Rhymes by Rusty Wier
  13. October by Joe Ferry
  14. Silly Song by The Two Things In One
  15. Just A Little Lovin’ by Sandra Alexandra
  16. For You by Barbara & Ernie
  17. Time Flies by The Benida Madison Group
  18. I Thank Heaven by Bugsy Maugh
  19. Cold and Wintery Soul by Capers And Carson
  20. So The Saying Goes by Face Of The Earth

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