Over the last 10 years or so I have uploaded 113 Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours mixes. I have tried hard not to repeat any of the tracks, so that’s over 1500 songs! I have picked out a few of my favourites that have a little bit of soul. It is what I call the Soul Of Folk Funk.

They are up on Mixcloud but I thought I’d group them all here just for you x

Soul Of Folk Funk track list


Marsha | Soul Of Folk Funk Vol 1

  1. River Man by Andy Bey
  2. Spin, Spin, Spin by Terry Callier
  3. Movin’ Day by Brook Benton
  4. Nature Boy by Richard Barbary & Soul Machine
  5. Never Felt Like This Before by Charlie Smalls
  6. The Far Side Of The Hill by Harry Belafonte
  7. Now Is The Time For Love (Part 2) by Darrow Fletcher
  8. Still Thinking Of You Flute Solo (Instrumental) by Steve Marshall
  9. You Can’t Blame Me by Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
  10. Bend Your Head Low by Geoffrey Stoner
  11. Lady Lisa by George Parks
  12. Lady Love by Jon Lucien
  13. Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love by Odyssey
  14. Moment by Kris Peterson
  15. Gone, Is The Laughter Of You by L.C. Grier
  16. Do You Believe In Voodoo by Marsha Hunt
  17. I Can See The Sun In Late December by Roberta Flack
  18. It Takes Two by The Summits
  19. (Where Is The) Sunshine Pt. I by Kalima
  20. I Can’t Move No Mountains by Free Movement

Marvin | Soul Of Folk Funk Vol 2

  1. Son Of The Zulu King by Free Movement
  2. Didn’t I by Darondo
  3. Nevermore by Jerry Townes
  4. Color Him Father by The Winstons
  5. A Love Like Yours by Total Eclipes
  6. You Came, You Saw, But You Didn’t Conquer Me by Bobby Jameson
  7. As Time Goes On by Body & Soul
  8. Black Child by Morris Dow And Eastern Sound
  9. I’ll Never Let You Stay Blue by Marcelle Joseph
  10. Right On by Marvin Gaye
  11. Sun by Gregory Paul
  12. Storm by Billy Butler & Infinity
  13. You’ll Wake Up Wiser by Chuck Boris
  14. Chicago, Damn by Bobbi Humphrey
  15. The War Song by Jon Lucien
  16. Sound Of The Samba by Victor Davies
  17. Let The Sunshine In by Sons And Daughters Of Lite


Minnie | Soul Of Folk Funk Vol 3

  1. I Get Crazy by Bobby Hart
  2. Loving Kind Of Way by The Jam
  3. Loving You by Jessy Morrison
  4. False Alarm by Krystal
  5. Empty Room by Evolution
  6. The Dove Of Peace by J. J. Jones
  7. Waterfall by Gene McDaniels
  8. Andrea by Donal Leace
  9. Love Is A Thing by Icarus
  10. Brother Orchid by Bobby Lee Fears
  11. Les Fleur by Minnie Riperton
  12. Chained To You by Tina Smith
  13. Nice by Joe Akens
  14. Let’s Take A Look At Our Children by Joe West And Sling Shot
  15. Catch The Day by George Parks
  16. Poor Make Believer by Brook Benton
  17. Hard To Get A Thing Called Love by Tony Bruno
  18. Gypsy by McKinnley Mitchell
  19. Red Rosy Bush by Lou Gossett
  20. I Hate Hate by Razzy Bailey

Terry | Soul Of Folk Funk Vol 4

  1. It’s Bigger Than I by Jon Lucien
  2. Time by Oscar Brown Jr.
  3. Just Say the Word by Jerry Townes
  4. I Want To Be Ready by Billy Bailey
  5. This Is The Woman by Sidney Pinchback And The Sisters
  6. Willoughby Grove by Brook Benton
  7. Fire And Rain by Geoffrey Stoner
  8. That’s What It’s All About by Madeline Bell
  9. Time Flies by Benida Madison
  10. Charade by Four Tracks
  11. If I Could Have My Way by Pierre Ruffino
  12. Dancing Girl by Terry Callier
  13. Crystal Blue Persuasion by Joe Bataan
  14. You Could Have Tried by Karen Sander’s Group
  15. You Are On My Mind by The Millionaires
  16. Hey There Little Firefly (Part 2) by Firefly
  17. Don’t Set Me Free (Part 1) by Thomas East

Pena | Soul Of Folk Funk Vol 5

  1. Signs Of Winters Time (Instrumental) by Crystal Winds
  2. A Day In The Life by Chocolate Snow
  3. Gentle Is My Love by Al Sharp
  4. The Touch Of You by Brenda & The Tabulations
  5. A Famous Myth by The Carnival
  6. You Don’t Have To Worry by Doris & Kelley
  7. Free by Catherine (Cat) Parson
  8. When I’m Gone by Paul Pena
  9. In Limbo by Bugsy Maugh
  10. Foggy Day by Lonnie Sattin
  11. The World’s Strongest Man by Scott Engel
  12. Heaven Only Knows by Larry Parks
  13. See See Rider by Lou Gossett
  14. Mini Wars, Many Loves by Billy Miller
  15. Still Thinking Of You (Vocal) by Steve Parks
  16. If I Could Only Be Sure by Nolan Porter
  17. The War Song by Jon Lucien
  18. Takin’ Care Of Business by Universal Jones
  19. What Is Life by Lee Stone


Bobbi | Soul Of Folk Funk Vol 6

  1. Metropolis by Walter Hawkins
  2. For You by Barbara & Ernie
  3. Morning Dew by Wendy Peters
  4. All Of Your Life by Shirley Nanette
  5. Morning Madness by Scott Cunningham
  6. Tell Me A Tale by Michael Kiwanuka
  7. Gimme Some by William ‘Darondo’ Pulliam
  8. What Is Wrong With Grovin’ by Early Editions
  9. Why Can’t There Be Love by Dee Edwards
  10. Missed Another Day by The Gingerbread Express
  11. The Snake by Harley Farquart Express
  12. It’s Your Thing by Sandra Alexandra
  13. Shangri La by The Royalettes
  14. Tennessee Voodoo by Booker T Jones
  15. Ron And Eddie Blues by Rod Abernethy
  16. What Have They Done To The Moon by Eddie Jason
  17. Congress Alley by Congress Alley
  18. Would You Believe In Me by Jon Lucien
  19. Blacks And Blues by Bobbi Humphrey
  20. Be Thankful For What You Got, Part 1 by William DeVaughn

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