So… I started doing these all female folk funk complations sometime back and rather than do separate posts for each one I thought I would make it easy and stick them all on the same page.

Welcome to Femme Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours

Volume 12

Slow Burning Candle by Sally Townes

Blue Sunny Sky Day by Wendy Grose

A Witch’s Call by Sirani Avedis

Can’t Be Easy by Ann Reed

Days And Nights by Pixie Lauer

Free And Easy by Cathie Stewart

I Won’t Try by Maryanne Mahoney

Going Out Of My Head by Gail Wynters

I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times by B.J. Ward

The Magic Wasn’t There by Julie Covington

Mom (Can I Talk To You?) by Jan Rhodes

Take My Number by Marshall Hain

I Wanna See It Again by Jennifer Lyn

Dreams by Jane Blue

A Dream And A Little Magic by Jennie Rylatt

I Scare Myself by Georgia Brown

Well I Did by Frannie Hesson

Everything I Do With You by Jasmine

Mystery Man by Trisha Watts

Celebration by Cathy Lunsford

Speak The Truth by Louisa Jane White

Volume 11

Wish I Was A Single Girl Again by Tia Blake

Sunday Morning by Pixie Lauer

Sleepin’ Out by Woody Simmons

500 Pieces Fully Interlocking by Nanette Natal

Land Of Wonder by Marla Fant

Highway by Susan Pillsbury

White Bird by Wheatones

The Lady Has No Heart by St. Elmo’s Fire

I’m Going To Be Seeing A Lot Of You by Varela

Silent Walkers by Susan Slack

Hands Off by Kacey

Trashanken by Agneta Zelán

E Poi… by Mina

New Wine by Jessi Colter

Children by Louisa Jane White

Last Morning by Joanne Glasscock

Like A Seed by Morgana King

Love Is The Only Medication (That Can Soothe My Soul) by Cheri Adams

Gotta Do My Best by Chris Harwood

Tell Me Can You Feel It by Jessy Morrison

Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby by Doris

Till The Ends Meet by Florence Warner

Volume 10

Love Music by Esther Satterfield

Billy Sunshine by The Sugar Townes

Depend On Me by Jo Ann Garrett

What A Beautiful Place by Catherine Howe

Think (About It) by Bonnie Bramlett

You Never Come Closer by Doris

Let Yourself Go by Adrian Smith

Patterns by Barbara Cooper

White Bird by Tia Blake

Paper Dreams by Pattie Lane

Nothing Much Is Happening Today by Norma Tanega

Honey Water by Kai Moore

What More by Terry Garthwaite

Oh No No No Not The Beast Day  by Marsha Hunt

A Quietude Into The 7th Dimension  by Norma Green

Make Me Yours by Bettye Swann

This Is The Moment by Edith Peters

This Is That by JoAnn Perkins And The World Missions For Christ Choir

Love In Them There Hills by Mother Trucker

Volume 9

I Thought I Knew The Answers by Susan Pillsbury

Sunset In The West by Tami Osborne

Grey Today by Woody Simmons

Illusion by Norma Tanega

City Wine by Faith Brown

What A Beautiful Place by Catherine Howe

Let It Shine by Priscilla

Let’s Spend The Night Together by Claudine Longet

Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Me by Joanne Glasscock

Next Passing Star by Elly Dee

Sweet Song by Blue Lady

Plastic Rose by Cincinnati Joe & Mad Lydia

Look Around Rock by Penny Nichols

Coming Home by Cathy Young

There’s No Hurry by Kathy Stack

Let’s Get Together by Bonnie Dobson

Chained To You by Tina Smith (with Sensation)

Free From The City by The Poppy Family Featuring Susan Jacks

Volume 8

Fly High by Bridget St. John

Hot Or Cold by Lilly

Lambsbread by Momi Riley

Blue by Judy And The P.T.S.

The Sun by Peggy Weston

Jam Session (Cruising With The Blues) by Susan Carter

No Tail To Wag by Dana Gillespie

Think About The Children by Fanny Hill

The Juggler by Fox

She Brings the Morning With Her by Justine

Sally Free And Easy by Marianne Faithfull

If I Could Sing by Risa Potters

Steal Away by Bobbie Gentry

Up In Smoke by Corky Hale

Do You Really Wanna Go by Jackie Robinson

Get It Back by Goldie Zelkowitz

Slippin’ Into Darkness by Gimmicks

Volume 7

Hear What I Have To Say by Chris Harwood

Look Around Rock by Penny Nichols

Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Me by Joanne Glasscock

Nothing Much Is Happening Today by Norma Tanega

The Baby by Monica Zetterlund

City Wine by Faith Brown

Close To Me by Christine Perfect

Love Is Fine by Judy MacKenzie

Seven Virgins by Kathy Smith

Chelsea Morning by Sylvia McNeill

Space Age Lullaby by Jackie Lee

The Lady Barber by Lynn Castle With Last Friday’s Fire

The Loner by B.J. Ward

Dead by Dana Gillespie

Speak The Truth by Louisa Jane White

What by Tina Mason

I’ll Be Somewhere Around by Tina Smith (with Sensation)

Meaning of Love by Karin Krog

Baby’s Gone by Bobbi Humphrey

Volume 6

Just Follow Me by The Carolyn Hester Coalition

Colour That Lightning by Cathy Young

Early Morning Blues by Bahia Tavakolian

Rainy Night Blues by Shelagh McDonald

I Got Stung by Bonnie Dobson

You Got The Beat by Kathy Stack

He Quit Me by Leslie Miller

Question Of Time by Chris Harwood

Love by Margo Guryan

Help! by April

Clotho’s Web by Julie Felix

Hurdy Gurdy Man by Eartha Kitt

Man In The Middle by Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reign

Shake It by Nanette Workman

Ani Kuni by Rika Zaraï

Spiral by Essra Mohawk

The Moving Finger by Dorothy Ashby

Volume 5

Road To Destiny by Frankie With The Nocturnes

Wear Your Love Like Heaven by Eartha Kitt

Can’t Find My Way Home by Yvonne Elliman

And You Never Knew by Howdy Moon

Another Side Of Time by Momi Riley

Sunday Morning by Margo Guryan

Oh My Sunshine by Thelma Lou

Personlight Brev by Turid

What Do You Do When You’ve Lost Your Love by Guardians Of The Rainbow

Hedfan (Melltith Ar Y Nyth) by Gillian Elisa Thomas

Meditation by Noah

Time by Hunter Davies

By Your Side by Double You

You Never Come Closer by Doris

I Think You’re Letting Me Go by Renee Armand

Use Me by Liza Minnelli

No Road Is The Right Road by Christine Perfect

I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Merit Hemmingson

Volume 4

En Pleurer Ou En Rire by Diane Tell

Emoriô by Fafá De Belem

High by Cheryl Dilcher

Мгновенье, Стой (For What It’s Worth) by Диско

High Flying Bird by Rejoice!

Rose by Fifty Foot Hose

Missed Another Day by The Gingerbread Express

Wichita Lineman by Sunday’s Child

Jimmy With The Amber Eyes by Betsy Chapman

Collage by The Three Degrees

Everyone’s A Dealer by Cathy Young

Little Wheel Spin And Spin by Chakra

All Of Your Life by Shirley Nanette

Automo Joe by Dorothy Wallace

Driving Wheel by Paulette Parker

Another Useless Day by Teresa Brewer

We Got Our Bag by Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson

Nothing But Your Shadow by Ivy Peebles

Volume 3

Honeytree by Nancy Honeytree

Can’t Say Why by Woody Simmons

Travel In A Circle by Kathy Smith

Rod’s Song by Shelagh McDonald

Speedbreaker by Claire Hamill

Primrose Hill by Kathe Green

Magician In The Mountain by Sunforest

Indian Ropeman by The Revells

Lucky Lost Sin by Niki Aukema

If I Could by Erica Pomerance

The Devil’s Driving Me by Catherine Howe

Little By Little by Goldie Zelkowitz

We Could Learn Together by Talya Ferro

Give A Man A Tree by Jo Ann Smith

Big Sur by Vicki Britton

Gonna’ Let You Have It by Gary & Sandy

Lost Little Thing by Cecilia

La Fille De Papier Glace by Julie Saget

Les Petits Ballons by France Gall

Some Kind Of Fever by Maxine Sellers

Volume 2

My Aunt Edna by Bonnie Koloc

Eli’s Comin’ by The Anita Kerr Singers

Peace And Love And Freedom – Part One by Judy MacKenzie

People In The Front Row by Melanie

Scarborough Fair by Deena Webster

Fisherman King by Barbara Keith

Don’t Mind Me by Dana Gillespie

Raspberry Jam by Carole King

Paint a Lady by Susan Christie

Annie’s Magical Brew by Nanette Natal

Misfit Matilda by Cathy Young

We’re All In This Together by Bethany

Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind by Polly Niles

On My Mind by Elly Dee

Sun by Margo Guryan

Sweet Song Bird by April

Starin’ At The Wall by Lilly

I’m Funky by Grootna

Volume 1

Pretty Polly by Judy Collins

Morning Dew by Bonnie Dobson

Jenny by Heaven & Earth

Summer Wind by Kathy Stack

You’ve Come This Way Before by Nancy Priddy

Taking So Long by Kathy Smith

Take Me With You by Lyn Christopher

And That’s Saying A Lot by Christine Perfect

All The Music In Me by Catherine Howe

Woodenships by Christine Harwood

Mountain Song by Penny Nichols

Hard To Leave The Island by Margaret Wakeley

All I Dream by Estelle Levitt

I See One Rainbow In Your Eyes by by Eliane Stevens

Catch A Robber By The Toe by Sylvia McNeil

Beatmaker by Doris

Jimmy Jean by Ellen McIlwaine

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