A mix for the Easter Bank Holiday.

Ēostre is a goddess of Spring in paganism. The festival of Easter is named after her. Her colors are pink and green. Ēostre is a symbol of rebirth and fertility. Her animal is the hare – which is the origin of the Easter Bunny.

Suitable to play at a BBQ, bar mitzvah, hairdressing appointment, or just lazing in the sun.

Ēostre 2019

Note So High by Stella Levitt
Been To Canaan by Alice Babs with Nils Lindberg And His Orchestra
Canto Del Pilon by Frank Harris & Maria Marquez
Trudi’s Mood (Part II) by Ruby Rushton
Never Was Love by The Judy Roberts Band
Sucker For A Pretty Face by Crossection
Neuilly (Lever Du Soleil) by Cléa Vincent
Looking Glass by The Two Of Us
Take A Giant Step by Savanna Silver Band
Do You Know? by Earth Base One
Kukuriku by Arco Iris
Thinking Of You by Carl Filipiak Group
Caballo Salvaje (PITCH -5) by Unidades
Valley Of The Unicorns by John Allmark (Follies Bazaar 1983)
La Femme A La Peau Bleue by Vendredi Sur Mer
L’Épée à la Main by Magnüm
Salut Les Salauds by Interview

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