It was on this day too many years ago a slightly chubby blue eyed boy was born. Who, at the age of 4, nearly lost his thumb, when the lid of his parents record player descended heavily downwards and THWACK! a life long scar and love affair with black candy was born . . .

Paul Hillery

Track listing

English Information // CD Laser Lens Cleaner

Front Titles // John Cameron

The Groop Play Chord X // Stereolab

Would It Be Possible // The Superimposers

Interlude / He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother // Robert William Scott

Crystal Telephone // Terry Durham

The Meaning Of Love // Steve Kuhn

Ordinary Fool // Unknown (Bugsy Malone Soundtrack)

¡Free Arthur Lee! // Hopkirk & Lee

I Really Wanted You // Steve Tilston

Come On Let’s Go // Broadcast

Into The Sky // Strawberry

Inside Out // Brighter

Sally Cinnamon // The Stone Roses

Marichka // Deradoorian

Do’s & Don’ts // Boom Bip & Gruff Rhys

La Vie Devant Soi // Françoiz Breut

Stutter-Movement // Mohagonny

The Bird Catcher // Boom Bip & Doseone

Sapelo (YZ Remix) // Larry Jon Wilson

Fragment Seven (Les Fleur) // Kenneth Bager feat. Julee Cruise

Mysteries Of The World // Mother, Father, Sister, Brother

Music Is Love

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A heathen, conceivably, but not, I hope, an unenlightened one