Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours number 64

It’s May and I have uploaded another mix from the vaults.

Hope you enjoy.


  • Abyss by Robb Kunkel
  • Sugarplums by Richie Havens
  • Like A River by Salmond & Mulder
  • Whims And Ways by Bryn Haworth
  • Loveshine by John Villemonte
  • Bring The Wine by Paul Anka
  • What Good Is Love by Stephanie De-Sykes
  • Ordinary Fool by Paul Williams
  • San Francisco by Maxime Le Forestier
  • Places Warm by Chuck Mangione
  • Moving On by Shimoda Itsuro
  • Am I Really Here by Moonlight
  • Sweet Eyes Of by Erik
  • Magnificent Sanctuary Band by David Clayton-Thomas
  • Worried About You by Northern Lights
  • What Do You Do When You’ve Lost Your Love by Guardians Of The Rainbow
  • Peaceful by Mary Stuart

Music Is Love

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