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La Boca.

My first encounter with this design agency was the record label D.C. Recordings, who were the output for Depth Charge a pseudonym for Jonathan Saul Kane. Depth Charge Recordings or D.C. Recordings started outputting as early as 1989 but I came across them when I stumbled in awe across The Emperor Machine and their 2004 long player Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised. A krautrock infused frazzled album composed on vintage analogue hardware and the brain child of Andy Meecham.

As Uncut called it a

…freewheeling soundtrack to a William Burroughs-penned lysergic head-movie helmed by John Carpenter. Meecham skilfully steers this enjoyably indulgent romp through disco, radiophonica and flute-fried psychedelia…

But enough about that I was talking about the La Boca you cry! Well it was La Boca who done the artwork to the sleeve weren’t it. The designers based in the Portobello neighbourhood in a space above the now-closed Intoxica Records.

So I get to mix my twin loves of music and design with this post.

La Boca was established in 2002,  and specialises in illustration and image-making, with emotional connections. They’ve worked with a tonnes of people and have a very unique style, a leaning to retrofuturism, their vibrant use of colour with hyper saturation and added background noise. A nod to transport poster design of the past seen through a lysergic gaze. 20th century utopias, as of Huxley or Orwell, interspersed with the emerging oil wheel infused 1960s. But all very now, symbolic and poetic.

So here are a just few of my favourite La Boca creative births.

I hope the work of La Boca inspires you as much as it excites me? Please do check out their work on their webiste laboca.co.uk

You can buy work by La Boca here

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