01 2018 : Overtones for Balearic Social Radio*

I have been asked to become one of Balearic Social Radio residents over 2018. That will mean a mix for them from me every month of this year.

Never heard of Balearic Social Radio? It’s run by Andy Pye and has featured some fantastic mixes over the years. Check out the links at the bottom of this page.

Balearic Social Radio is run by Andy Pye. He hosts the Balearic Social Radio Show; bringing together dj’s and record collectors from across the world. A lifelong and passionate music collector Andy started his career as a music buyer at HMV and has carried on collecting music ever since.

01 2018 : Overtones

Lux Aeterna Introit – William Sheller
1 Lux Aeterna Introit – William Sheller

First came across this record on the Dirty Diamonds compilation series. Then realised Deltron 3030 had sampled it too.

Composed in 1970 I think I read somewhere it was originally to mark the occasion of the marriage of friends.

Glittering Circles – Neil Ardley
2 Tears in Rain – Blade Runner Monologue

Sampled monologue of Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner. I choose the cover of this mix before I did the mix and had the idea of doing something resembling a soundtrack to a film about synthetic humans. I’d re-watched A.I. a few days previously and it was obviously in my subconscious.

3 Glittering Circles – Neil Ardley

From the 1979 album Harmony Of The Spheres released on Decca. The album features the John Martyn but I’m not actually sure if this track does?… The artwork for the LP was done by the legendary Storm Thorgerson

Valley of Temples – The Spins
4 Valley of Temples – The Spins

Much sort after B side of a split 45 on Derby out of Italy 1978.

Natural Selection – Pulsar
5 Natural Selection – Pulsar

From the experimental Infrasonic Waves Volume IV on Ochre Records. From 1999 I used to really enjoy playing these sorts of oddities at the Interwaffle Café in my hometown when I played there on curry night. I would sometimes just play the records backwards pushing them round with my hand at various speeds. I think I may have enjoyed them sets more than the customers…

Fragment Of Fear – Sight & Sound
6 Fragment Of Fear – Sight & Sound

From the soundtrack of the film of the same name from 1970 – this can be found on a charity shop special Movie Themes Of Today on Contour.

Adrift – The Robert Mellin Orchestra
7 Adrift – The Robert Mellin Orchestra

The part of the imaginary journey where the replicants run away to an island – from the The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe a dubbed into English TV series I remember watching as kid.

Overtones – Jurriaan Andriessen
8 Overtones – Jurriaan Andriessen

From the 1977 synth ambient album by Jurriaan Andriessen ‎– The Awakening Dream.

What You Are – Pete Brandt’s Method
9 What You Are – Pete Brandt’s Method

B isde of the 7″ on Fried Egg Records this is Pete Brandt’s Method ‎–Positive Thinking. Always reminds me of Edwyn Collins from Orange Juice.

(I Don’t Believe) God Is An Anachist – Steve Harley
10 (I Don’t Believe) God Is An Anachist – Steve Harley

From the cockney rebel himself and his first album Hobo With A Grin from 1978. Probably just skip past this in a bunch of records wouldn’t you?

A Boogie – Jack Bruce
11 E. Boogie – Jack Bruce

Yes it’s that Jack Bruce.

From the electronic tinged album Automatic 1986. I have the terrible UK cover art with the washing machine on the front, try and track down the German release as the cover is a bit cooler.

Transvesuvian – Desert
12 Transvesuvian – Desert

From the 1979 self title album and also re-issued by Strut a few years ago.

Window Across The Street – Fay Lovsky
13 Window Across The Street – Fay Lovsky

From 1983 album Origami this Netherlands pop release can be picked up very cheaply.

Drömmare – Mia Sandberg
14 Drömmare – Mia Sandberg

She was a Swedish pop star you know. 45 on Sonnet.

Photosynthesis – Walkie Talkies
15 Photosynthesis – Walkie Talkies

New wave band suprisingly from the UK as this always sounds more European to me. Pick up the LP Surveillance.

Iles Dans L’Espace – Mandré
16 Iles Dans L’Espace – Mandré

Long before Daft Punk were donning their robot heads, futuristic Mandré ‎was signed to Motown. This is from 1978 and his second LP Mandré Two.

Ah Q – Björn JSon Lindh
17 Ah Q – Björn JSon Lindh

From the Jazz flutists LP Bike Voyage II which can also be found with the alternative title A Day At The Surface.

Underwater Adventure – Gerhard Narholz (Conroy Music Library)
18 Underwater Adventure – Gerhard Narholz (Conroy Music Library)

From the Conroy Music Library release entitled Wildlife.

Bikini – Frank Ricotti
19 Bikini – Frank Ricotti

The wonderfil Frank Ricotti turns up on the Bruton Music ‎library release Souled Out released in 1981.

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