01-2018 The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour

Welcome to the Mountain!

… he claimed to know of the existence of a mysterious country called Sugarcandy Mountain situated somewhere up in the sky, a little distance beyond the clouds, and in Sugarcandy Mountain it was Sunday seven days a week…

Something I have been toying with for a while now and just couldn’t get it going. An hour of music, once a month, and hosted by me. Me?! Would I really want to be heard talking betwixt my audio treats? Who would want to hear that? I haven’t got much of an ego, I hope. Do I really need to talk?! Who knows. But I thought the first track was an apt title and perhaps I’m over thinking it.

Still have teething problems with the microphone and finding the best way to do this talking thing, so I will keep it very brief to start with.

Every show will be partnered with a blog post, listing the tracks played and links to the artists were needed.

It’s not all vinyl for the show, some of the tracks are from digital sources.

Anyway enough waffle ~ on to the music…

01 2018 The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
1 Go For It – David Axelrod

From the 1975 album Seriously Deep – a slab of Jazz Funk Library Fusion from the master himself.

May well be the theme tune to this show, but it is for this first one that’s for sure.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
2 I Robot – The Alan Parsons Project

An angelic choir arranged by Andrew Powell over a synthesizer as this beast builds and builds. From the 1977 album of the same name, and there are some great tracks on there – it’s the only APP album I own but I really should try and find more, don’t think I ever remember seeing any in a charity shops dig?..

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
3 Delirium – Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co.

B side from 1971 produced by Tony Ashton, on Capitol. A blend of jazz fusion and rock with some great drum breaks.

First heard by me on the Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours Facebook group.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
4 Wooden Chair – Angus Stone

Very rare on vinyl this track is from Broken Brights on Desert Harvest Records.

First came across Angus Stone on the Spirit Of Akasha (Original Film Soundtrack) (Celebrating Morning Of The Earth) and then again in Dope Lemon.

Hunt down a version of this LP I have the hessian bagged CD version as I missed all the vinyl releases and now they are £££££.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour Will Stratton - Gray Lodge Wisdom
5 Dreams of Big Sur – Will Stratton

This starts off like a Nick Drake record and then turns all West Coast folk.

Will Stratton (b. 1987, Woodland, California) is an American musician living in Beacon, New York.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
6 Which Will – Amber Arcades

Linking in with the Nick Drake theme. The first track, of two, from the cover CD with Mojo Magazine. I’m not usually a fan of cover versions of Nick Drake songs, they are so quintessentially his, but saying that, I really liked a lot of this CD.

Amber Arcades is actually Annelotte de Graaf, a Dutch singer-songwriter from Utrecht. She is on Heavenly Records. Oh and she holds a master’s degree in law!

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
7 Don’t Know What To Do – Arbes

Found this Australian band on Bandcamp go check them out arbes.bandcamp.com

A splash of jangly Aussie surf with the slightly wonky vocals of Jess Zanoni, who also plays Bass, Sam Pannifex on Guitar and Anita Agathangelou on the Drums.

From their tape entitled Swimmer.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour

From New York, New York and another Bandcamp find for  me. I love the guitars and vocals of this one as it reminds me of early New Order.


The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
9 River Man – Field Music

One time members of The Futureheads the band have been producing records since 2005.

This is one of my favourites from the cover disc. It retains the emotional force of original version but drifts off somewhere else.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
10 My God Has A Telephone – The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, NY

A wonderful nostalgic 45 – on first hearing this I thought it was an old record – but no from Colemine Records out of Brooklyn with heaps of Blues, Gospel and Soul.

The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, NY is the gospel recording project of Aaron Frazer– drummer and occasional singer of Durand Jones & The Indications.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
11 High Tiding – Nick Waterhouse

Originally from California Nicholas Ryan Waterhouse is a soul singer / songwriter / producer.

I just love the slow chug and build up of this track. Realeased in 2014 and again sounds much older than it actually is.

From his second LP called Holly.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
12 So Easy – Paul Cherry with the Lemons

From the Cherry Lemonade Split tape!

This was a Soundcloud find for me.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
13 Barefeet And Hot Pavements – Bridget St. John

Oh Bridget St. John I adore you and your husky voice.

Originally from 1969 on John Peel own Dandelion Records and produced by him, this is taken from my slightly crackly copy distributed on Elktra a year later.

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
Jennie Pearl The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
14 Maybe In Another Year – Jennie Pearl

My favourite track of this broadcast. Oh how I wish I had the rocking horse poo like compilation this is originally from The Peoria Folk Anthology – Volume Three on Webster’s Last Word ‎from 1970.

We are all very lucky that Numero Group ‎stuck it on the Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon comp.

Get it here

The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour
15 Sometimes – John Roman Jackson

From the self titled album from 1971 on Oak Records.

Sit next to Greg Sonnleitner And The Point Of Pleasure Chorus – Misunderstood which Psychemagik comped on Magik Sunset Part 1 after I sent the track to Danny. If you open up the gatefold I’m thanked in the list of thank you’s, my only claim to fame.

So that’s the January edition of The Sugarcandy Mountain Radio Hour. So until next time…

See you on the Mountain

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