05-2018 Balearic Social Radio

Leave Me Alone for Balearic Social Radio is the fifth mix in a series of 12 curated by myself, pH.

Gone back to some stuff I used to play out a few years ago, a little electronica some ambient and smattering of trip hop type sounds.

It was aired on the 20th May 2018.

05 2018 : Leave Me Alone

Music Is Love

You can stream the mix below or download by visiting Soundcloud

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
Popsicle by Boom Bip

Uchu Tanjyo by Susumu Yokota

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
The Dossier On Virna Lindt by Virna Lindt

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
The Wisp by Simian

Why Climb The Highest Mountain by Empire State

Alone Again And by Lilacs And Champagne

On The Rhodes Again by Morcheeba

Riders On The Storm (Slow Vocal Only Studio Take) by Jim Morrison

Leave Me Alone by Natalie Imbruglia

Your Girl by Blue States
Men And Women Cannot Be Friends sample from When Harry Met Sally OST

Shake It Loose by Dolphin Boy

Samples Fever by Peggy Lee so I added a little bit at the end

Fiendish by Hefner

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
Soft by Lemon Jelly

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
Sunshine Philosophy (Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco Mix) by Future Loop Foundation

Charleroi by The Revelation Corporation

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
Original Stuntmaster by AIM

Trees by Twit One

05-2018 Balearic Social Radio
Our Prayer (Freeform Reform) by Brian Wilson

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We Are All Weightless Under The Sun

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Music Is Love

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