09 2018 For Balearic Social Radio

09 2018 : Heaven Is In Your Mind a mix for Balearic Social Radio

Mix number 9 for this years residency, curated by myself, Paul Hillery, for Andy Pye’s  Balearic Social Radio show.

A mix curated from my vinyl collection with some additional tracks you can buy from Bandcamp.

It was aired on the 16th September 2018.

09 2018 : Heaven Is In Your Mind // For Balearic Social Radio on Mixcloud

09 2018 : Heaven Is In Your Mind // For Balearic Social Radio on Soundcloud

You can stream the mix above or download by visiting Soundcloud

Music Is Love

Perfection (Chifte-Teui) by Rosko With The John Berberian Ensemble

An album based on the writings of “Thoughts And Meditations” by Kahlil Gibran.

Music And Gibran – A Contemporary Interpretation Of The Author Of “The Prophet” released on Verve Forecast in 1968.

Mia Doi Todd ‎– Cosmic Ocean Ship
Canto De Iemanjá by Mia Doi Todd

Written by Baden Powell and Vinicius De Moraes this version appears on Mia Doi Todd’s 2011 album Cosmic Ocean Ship on City Zen Records.

Manolo Sanlucar ‎– Sanlucar
Fantasmas De La Guerra by Manolo Sanlucar

From the 1975 album Sanlucar on CBS.

An album track that has Axelrod like production mixed with addition of flamenco guitar.

Ingrid Chavez ‎– A Flutter And Some Words
The First Darshan (Song For Ameera) by Ingrid Chavez

From A Flutter And Some Words released on Ten Windows Records in 2010.

Mexican-American poet and vocalist Ingrid Chavez, born in 1965, was a Prince protégé from 1987 to 1991, and was married to David Sylvian from 1992 to 2005.

Her debut album was initially intended to just set her spoken-word poetry to atmospheric music supplied by Prince, but when Warner Brothers pushed for the album to have sung vocals, Prince abandoned the project, so half of the album ended up as intended, and the remainder consisted of pop songs co-produced by Ingrid with Prince’s studio hands Michael Koppelman and Levi Seacer Jr.

Chavez also wrote the bulk of Madonna’s hit “Justify My Love”, and received a large out-of-court settlement for not being credited on that single’s initial release. In later years, Chavez focused on parenthood and photography, and occasionally contributed vocals to various David Sylvian releases.

Wermod ‎– Caneuon Hel Ei Bac (Songs Of Temporary Displacement )
Wermod ‎– Caneuon Hel Ei Bac (Songs Of Temporary Displacement )
Wermod ‎– Caneuon Hel Ei Bac (Songs Of Temporary Displacement )
Cerddi celain [David Colohan Remix] by Wermod

From 2018 in conjunction with Sunstone Records.

This remix is by David Colohan, an Irish Folk vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and producer.

Recordiau Wermod are proud to present the fifth release of Wermod featuring reworkings and inspirations from three leading lights in the acid Folk World.

Featuring contributions from Australian psych folk act Trappist Afterland (who has recently released their seventh album on Sunstone to critical acclaim ) Irelands’ David Colohan (of United Bible Studies) and the United States troubadour Bee (In Gowan Ring) Songs of Temporary Displacement will accompany a UK tour featuring the three acts as well as the legendary Keith Christmas.

The contributions of these artists have been loosely categorised as Folkphonic utilising the original Wermod master tapes and incorporating them into their intricate acoustic compositions.

The CD was released in conjunction with a Neuadd Ogwen , Bethesda gig that featured Keith Christmas, Trappist Afterland, Bee (In Gowan Ring) and Dave Colohan on the 6th of April 2018.


By myself, more can be found here

Françoiz Breut
La Vie Devant Soi by Françoiz Breut

A track that was originally on Une Saison Volée a compact disc released on the French label Tôt Ou Tard ‎in 2005.

A favourite with me from then on but YAY! in 2015 in was cut to vinyl on the Belgium label Caramel Beurre Salé – thank you !!!

French illustrator and chanteuse, born 10 December 1969 in Cherbourg, France. Sometimes also known as Françoiz Brrr and released with various spellings of her name.

I’m a little bit in love with Françoiz X

Jimi Tenor ‎– Out Of Nowhere
Hypnotic Drugstoreby Jimi Tenor

From the Warp Records release Out Of Nowhere – 2000.

Finnish musician and composer who’s real name is Lassi Lehto was born 1965 in Lahti, Finland.

I saw Jimi live a few times and he was bloody wonderful. Jazz Cafe and a gig with Stereolab at the Astoria seem to be swimming in my memory somewhere. Stereolab that night were absolutely amazing and it’s probably in my top 5 gigs ever, my ears hallucinated for days.

O. Sieben ‎– Musical Topography (Vol. 4): Mediterranean
Legend And Reality by Otto Sieben

From Musical Topography (Vol. 4): Mediterranean an LP I purchased forthe title and cover more than anything.

Conroy Recorded Music Library ‎– 1975.

Does It Get Easier? Lost in Translation
Does It Get Easier? Lost in Translation by Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson)

Sample from the film Lost in Translation.

Face Of The Earth ‎– So The Saying Goes

Promo 45 on Sonday Records ‎not sure of the year.

Time Is Passing by Sun

The orange vinyled album Sun Power was released in 1977 on Capitol Records.

American funk group from Dayton, Ohio, led by Byron Byrd.

Sun was a brainstorm of Byron Byrd, a young Ohioan given to stargazing and eventual pursuits of Aerospace engineering and research science, developing the use of wireless microphones and guitars for the stage.

But music began for him as a hobby. Byron’s first bands were Over Night Low and the Ohio Majestics, which gigged around the area and as support for acts like The O’Jays and The Spinners. The horn section even cut a session for James Brown at King Studios for VP Henry Glover. Members of this band included James “Diamond” Williams, Marvin “Merv” Pierce and Clarence “Chet” Willis, all of whom went on to The Ohio Players.

It was in 1974 that Over Night Low, while opening for Mandrill at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus caught the attention of record producer Beau Ray Fleming, who’d worked with Mandrill, Jon Lucien and Zulema up to this point. He heard them on stage and came from the dressing room to peep the scorching band – up close. At the after party, Beau was doubly surprised to see them again.

Determined to connect he went backstage, met the players and they exchanged numbers. In under a year, he flew back to Dayton from his New York offices with contracts in his briefcase. Sensing the need for a stronger band concept, Byron, Beau and the group began searching for a new name, something that would give them a more universal and cosmic vibe. Beau said Celestial Sun, but band member John Wagner suggested they make it less of a mouthful and just call it Sun.

They thought surely somebody already had that name, but they didn’t. Thus. Sun was born. Shortly after that, the group was being signed to Capitol by Larkin Arnold.

Ensam by Cyndee Peters

On Black Is The ColorOpus3 Records 77-06 Sweden 1977.

Opus3 is an independent Swedish record company and audiophile label specialist dedicated to recording timeless acoustic music such as jazz, blues, folk and classical music. Their aim is to reproduce voices and instruments as naturally and accurately as possible. To attain this they chose recording environments with good natural ambience. The positioning of the musicians is planned to give the best possible musical communication between them and the most favorable interplay between them and the environment.

Linda Tillery
Heaven Is In Your Mind by Linda Tillery

Self title album from Olivia Records 1977.

Tori Handsley Trio
Settling Into The Sun by Tori Handsley Trio

Available on Bandcamp

Released January 22, 2014

Tori Handsley – electric harp
Misha Mullov-Abbado – double bass
Harry Pope – drums

Matthew Halsall ‎– Fletcher Moss Park
The Sun In September by Matthew Halsall

From Fletcher Moss Park realeased in 2015 on Gondwana Records.

Manchester based, DJ, bandleader and trumpeter Matthew Halsall is one of the UK’s brightest talents.

A gifted trumpeter with a beautiful, expressive tone, his music draws on his love of the transcendental, spiritual and modal jazz of Alice and John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, as well as the glories of ’60s British jazz.

Nattsvart by 55 Cancri e

Taken from the mini LP called Belsebubs Tårar
on Music For Dreams 2015.

Keyvan’s Paper (Document 3) by The Amalgamation Of Soundz

The Amalgamation Of Soundz ‎12″ called Keyvan’s Paper on Filter ‎– 1998

Bandura001 B1 -4 PITCH by Vakula

White label 12″ Bandura001

Waves by Beach Vacation

Available from Bandcamp

Valse D’la Baie James I by Luc Cousineau

Self titled album on Airedale Canada. Released 1976.

Singer Songwriter from Québec. He was a member of Les Alexandrins and also formed the Duo Luc et Lise / Luc et Lise Cousineau.

El Danzón
El Danzón by Grupo De Experimentación Sonora Del ICAIC

From the album 2.

Cuban experimental band founded in 1969 by Alfredo Guevara, president from the “Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos” (ICAIC) to experiment with new sounds different from the typical folklore sounds of previous Cuban music.

Maleducato by Bad Panda

Available from Bandcamp

Clouds by Jukka Tolonen

The album is called High Flyin’ on Sonet ‎Released in Germany 1980.

Jukka Jorma Tolonen is a Finnish guitarist, born 16 April 1952 in Helsinki, Finland.

Ram Dass
In The Face Of Chaos – Enough Already by Ram Dass

Taken from the Ram Dass lecture in 1994.

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