Armed With Love

11 2018 : Armed With Love a mix for Balearic Social Radio

Novembers mix, is here. Starts off all ambient and drifts on to joyous.

Hope you enjoy…

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You can stream the mix above or download with Soundcloud please leave a comment on the Balearic Social page – thank you

I have been putting cover art along with the tracklist but it takes such a bloody long time to do and I’m not sure anyone even looks at these pages, so it’s just a list from now on…

Songs Played

01 Waterfall by Laura Allan
02 Habitat by Soda Lite
03 Field Guide by Sunmoonstar
04 High Vibration by Alex Crispin
05 La Noche De La Luna Nueva by The Bridge*
06 Dreamplay 2 by Michele Mercure*
07 The Monkey House by Absent Music
08 The Sunset Of Puerto Sagunto by Pablo Color
09 Paradiesvogel by Anselm Spring
10 Sight Evaluation Samba by Attilio
11 Under The Ghost Dome Asleep by Aruu
12 Sarra by Gary Davenport
13 Sea Cruise Blues by Phollop Willing P.A.
14 What You Are by Pete Brandt’s Method
15 Drip Dry Eyes by Yukihiro Takahashi
16 Pouki Tou Sa (Carole) by Tanya Saint-Val
17 Blue (Armed With Love) by Wham!
– –
* Featuring samples from a conversation with Rickie Lee Jones

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