Blimey, it’s turned right chilly here at the top of Folk Funk Towers. November is limping by and winter will soon be upon us. I’m all layered up to keep warm. It would be lovely to be riding a Lambretta around bathed in mediterranean warmth right now.

I had a scooter once years ago, I was more a mini fan in my youth, had 5 of them in various colours and conditions, but once I had a Vespa. I always wanted a Lambretta, but not being very useful with a spanner I opted for a PX125, burgundy with metallic checks. I was bloody useless at riding the bloody thing, and it would jump gears all the time. It was like trying to ride a noisy bucking bronco.

This mix is of a balearic nature, whatever that means. It was going to be called European Journey but I opted for the Terje Rypdal track title. This is the sort of mix I’d have done for Balearic Social, or Maldelsauce or Lions Milk, or Eclectics but I’m not on Social Media anymore, for my own sanity. I hated Facebook, always comparing myself to the happy people posting images and fun updates, and as for the music pages I was forever thinking “I NEED THAT RECORD” but I haven’t the money. It was making me sad. Well even more sad.

Any way, here is an hour of lovely music you don’t need to own as I have uploaded it for you to hear for free. Listen to it and think of riding a scooter or driving a mini around somewhere warm.

A scooter ride in the sun would be nice right now.

A Feeling Of Harmony

Enjoy x

Momo’s Traum by Wolfgang Barthel, Matthias Böhm & Reinhold Bauer
Mayday by Le Grand Nébuleux Et Ses Laveurs De Consciences
A Feeling Of Harmony by Terje Rypdal
Ataraxia Part I & Part II by Passport
Neues Aus Harfistan by Rüdiger Oppermann
Treibenlassen by Peter Finger & Florian Poser
Tamariske by Anselm Spring
Moises by Nino Ferrer
Ces Gens Du Bord De L’eau by Henri, Paule, Agnes Et Leon
Locrian Arabesque (Part 2) by Klaus Schønning
Message Extra-Terrestre by Diane Dufresne
Listen by Alan Sorrenti
Closer by Gino Soccio
La Métamorphose by Ilous
Felicia by Gino Vannelli
Prima O Poi by Loredana Bertè

Music Is Love

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