And Eight More Volume Five

Volume Five

Volume Five of the And Eight More series, more handpicked selections commingled lovingly by me. I hope you are enjoying these short format mixes as much as I am. It gives me something to do. I really should be getting Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Vol 76 finished but it’s been a heavy few weeks around here and I’m not feeling it at the moment, there are tracks but aside for it so should hit Mixcloud very soon. I will also have my Xian special which has been going for the the last 6 years !!!

Music Is Love

For Melanie / Matthews Southern Comfort

Body Talk / Grand Theft

Summer Sunday / Waves

Spaceship Earth / David Batteau

Mystery Of You / Jeff Scott

Can’t Seem To Shake This Rock And Roll / Michael Franks

Hoo Doo Love / The Rowans

Gypsy Rider / Heartsfield

Bugger, I repeated the Jeff Scott track, if you ever get a CDr promo copy of this mix I have replaced that track with ‘Sweet Mirth / Michael de Albuquerque’

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& Eight More

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