And Eight More Volume One

Volume One

& Eight More handpicked selections commingled lovingly by Paul Hillery.

The days are shortening and the night is drawing inwards. Autumn will give way to Winter soon. Music keeps me cool in the hotness of summer and warm in the harshest chill of winter. It over powers the chatter in my head and gives respite to the spiral of the shadows. In this series I will be choosing 8 tracks from the vaults at Folk Funk Towers. You can use them as a companion to whatever life throws at you.

Music Is Love

Come And Be At Peace / Ed Gutfreund
Metropolis / Walter Hawkins
Fazon / Sopwith Camel
Back To The Streets / Rudy Norman
Birth Is Love / James McKenzie
Mystery Of You / Jeff Scott
So Close To You / Arthur Indenbaum
It’ll All Come Around / Patsy Gallant
And Eight More Volume One

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Music Is Love

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