And Eight More Volume Three

Volume Three

The third installment, or turd if you don’t like my mixes. Coming at you in a tight roll neck jazz stylee, a pile of liquid discs of shit that Howard Moon would definitely approve of.

So . . .  Come with us on now on a journey. Through time and space, To the world of & Eight More . . .

Sand and Rain / Nancy Holloway
The Baby / Monica Zetterlund
Horny Toads And Foolish Quail / Fowler Brothers & Air Pocket
Fantasy / The Judy Roberts Band
Note So High / Stella Levitt
Been To Canaan / Alice Babs with Nils Lindberg And His Orchestra
A Pou Zot / V.S Quartet
You Make Me So Nervous / Anne-Marie Giørtz Band

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And Eight More Volume Three

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