I hope you are all doing okay out there and keeping you and your loved ones safe. A crazy time to be alive as this pandemic takes the world by it’s ankles and shakes it silly. This new collection of commingled balearic beauties has been lovingly curated by myself and will give you a moments peace and a time to breath. So rest and close your eyes and wander upon anywhere you want to be . . .

Keep you and your love ones safe x

Anywhere You Want To Be

Track list

Ocean by Big Lost Rainbow

Flow by Gabriel Gladstar

Winter Sky by The Omaha Loose Brothers

Anywhere You Want To Be by Bryn Haworth

Introspection by Simon Caine

Strange Change by Jerry Scott

A Lonely Place by Bob Carson

Comfort Me by Oliver

Sailing by Gary Marks

The Open Road by Gavin James

Jefferson Green by Bat McGrath & Don Potter

Up North by Catherine Howe

Slow Burning Candle by Sally Townes

Hoo Doo Love by The Rowans

Gold And Mellow by Brownsmith

I Get Crazy by Bobby Hart

Movin’ Day by Brook Benton

The Grass Will Sing For You by Tony Bruno

Music Is Love

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