Hazily remembered early 80’s. An Abington Street wander, from Albert J Ramsbottom, where, with family, a Fish & Chip special (fish, chips, mushy peas, slice of buttered bread, cup of tea, and a scoop of ice cream in stainless steel), to Spinadisc. A candy shop of aural delight. The dauntingly cool indie in our town. On my return. I carry, greyish cardboard sleeve. Still. Money pocket burn. Vinyl. So begins a Spinadisc love affair. Some staff became friends, and house shares. And one, the mother of my two children.

1973-2005, 19/02/2005 18:07:25 TILL: 37. YOU WERE SERVED BY NIC

Nothing lasts forever. And so. Handpicked. 45s. Played: Duke Of Edinburgh; Slurps; Roadmenders; Interwaffle; Sunnyside; Bass Clef; Madisons. Leftfield, Abstract, Experimental, Lo-Fi. At wrong speed. Backwards, hand spun. Odd named. Sleeve, photocopied. Message, hand trimmed. Europe East, poor pressed. Surface noise. Pop. Click. Crackle. DIY. & Commingled by Paul Hillery. Oct. 2019

Monkey Jelly by Stereolab

Cache Cœur Naïf by Mouse On Mars

L’ephemère Est Eternel by Mahogany

Techno Light by Füxa

Sets and Rises by Tarentel

All Time by January

¡Free Arthur Lee! by Hopkirk & Lee

The Broken Fall by Gnac

Gnac ‎– A Tangle With...

Key-Point Of Zen by Osaka

Stevie by Slum

Music For Rolex by Piano Magic

Music For Rolex by Piano Magic

Girl Cat (So Thin On Love And Barley) by From Red Down

Exquisite Honeyed Tart by ISAN

123 by Ted & Ray

Otonomy by Sybarite

Folk (Instrumental) by National Forest

Tender Buttons by Broadcast

Came out the same year Spinadisc closed but too late to have been purchased from there

X Screen by Wisdom Of Harry

Pink Green by Parisian Cowboy

Suivez La Piste by Saloon

Sleeve image taken from page 258 of ‘Le Nil Blanc et le Soudan. Études sur l’Afrique centrale, etc. [With plates, including a portrait, and with a map.]’

Author: BRUN-ROLLET, Antoine.
Shelfmark: “British Library HMNTS 10096.ff.22.”
Place of Publishing: Paris
Date of Publishing: 1855
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 000506409

Music Is Love

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