A handpicked musical exploration of our place within the cycle of living things, commingled lovingly by Paul Hillery to accompany this article

Earth Tones and Celestial Landscapes

Before I’m gone
I’d like to see us turn the corner
and give up being spoilers of the land . . .

Attunement (Reading by Sigurd F. Olson) Douglas Wood

Attunement (Reading by Sigurd F. Olson)

Douglas Wood

From the album  ‘Solitary Shores’ by ‘Douglas Wood’

Released on Earthsong Music ‎in 1983

Warehouse Sound Co. & Friends

Medicine Wheel – Dialogue / Theme)

Warehouse Sound Co.

From the album ‘Warehouse Sound Co. & Friends’

Privately pressed ‎in 1974


Nature Boy


From the self titled album ‘Accolade’

Released in 1970 on Columbia, EMI in the UK, and Capitol Records in the US

Evergreen (Earth Anthem)

Evergreen (Earth Anthem)

Cyrus Faryar

From album ‘Cyrus’

Released in 1971 on Elektra

Wilderness America, A Celebration Of The Land

Before I’m Gone

David Riordan

From album ‘Wilderness America, A Celebration Of The Land ‘ a musical exploration of our place within the cycle of living things. All compositions were specially commissioned for the album and blended with natural sounds recorded out in the wild

Privately pressed with Arts Funding and released in 1975

For the story behind the album see here

Big Lost Rainbow


Big Lost Rainbow 

From the self titled album ‘Big Lost Rainbow’

Originally privately pressed on the ‘Big Lost’ label in 1973, and then re-issued on ‘Akarma’ in 1999

Poema Beautiful Day



From the album ‘Beautiful Day’

Privately pressed sometime in the 1970s

Crosby & Nash

The Last Whale: Critical Mass / Wind On the Water

Crosby & Nash

From the album ‘Wind On The Water’

Originally issued on ‘ABC Records’ in 1975


Thursday Song

Peter Martin featuring Finch

From the album ‘Drouyn’

A wonderful Australian album released on ‘Rainbow Records’ in 1975. A rare surf soundtrack from the Bob Evans  film called simply Drouyn, composed by Peter Martin and featuring the band Finch

Sounds Like North Cornwall


David Savage

From the album ‘Sounds Like North Cornwall’

Released on ‘Sentinel’ in 1972

Laurent Trudel

Greenpeace Whale Song

Laurent Trudel

A 45 released by ‘Greenpeace’ in 1977

I first heard this on a compilation by IAN from the verygoodplus forum swap a few years back

Wendell Ing With Hank Leandro & Friends

The Lake

Wendell Ing With Hank Leandro & Friends

From ‘Home Grown’ volume 1 and compilation of music from ‘KKUA Records’ in Hawaii

Music selection: Don Ho, Chuck Lee, Tom Moffatt, Wayne Harada (Honolulu Advertiser), Don Weller (Honolulu Star-Bulletin) Ed Kanoi (KKUA).

David Axelrod

The Sign (Pt. 4)

David Axelrod

From ‘Earth Rot’ on ‘Capitol Records’ released originally in 1970

A musical comment on the state of the environment. Contemporary music with ancient yet timely words set to the theme of ecology

Lyrics adapted by Michael T. Axelrod from The Book Of Isaiah, The Old Testament and adapted from Song Of The Earth Spirit, A Navajo origin legend

Morrison Kincannon

To See One Eagle Fly

Morrison Kincannon

The ‘B’ side of ‘Smiling Face’ which was released on 45 by ‘Sea Castle Records’

The track was re-issued on a twelve inch in 2016 and then on the album ‘Beneath The Redwoods’ in 2018 both on ‘Spacetalk Records

Big love to the legends ‘Peter Beaver’ and ‘Danny McLewin’

Wilderness America, A Celebration Of The Land


Walter Hawkins

Originally called ‘Living In The City’ and written by ‘David Riordan’ this track appeared on the masterpiece ‘Wilderness America / A Celebration of the Land’ privately pressed in 1975

Composed By – David Riordan

Arranged By [Strings], Conductor [Strings] – Patrick Gleeson
Lead Vocals – Walter Hawkins
Bass [Fender] – Rob Moitoza
Congas – Lee Pastora
Drums – Harvey Mason
Electric Guitar – Lee Retenoir
Piano – Mike Melvoin

The track has now been issued on a number of compilations over the last couple of years

Morning Of The Earth (Original Film Soundtrack)

Morning of the Earth

G. Wayne Thomas

From the album ‘Morning Of The Earth (Original Film Soundtrack)’ and released by ‘Warner Bros. Records – Australia’ in 1972

I hunted for this record for many years a long while ago, in the age before you could type a record into your chosen search engine and order on line. I love these old Australian surf soundtracks from the 1970s. I had the film on VHS first I think I bought it from a skateboard shop and then hunted the vinyl down

Drop this along side ‘Les Fleur’ and ‘ I Am The Black gold Of The Sun’ and watch those smiles form

Eden Ahbez

The Wanderer

Eden Ahbez

From the album ‘Eden’s Island (The Music Of An Enchanted Isle)’ released by ‘Del-Fi Records’ in 1960

I ummed and arred over what tracks to put into this mix, there were a lot in my collection that could have fitted but it felt wrong not to have ‘Eden’ appear

Nature (Wilderness)

Nature (Wilderness)

Les Crane

From the album ‘Desiderata’ on ‘Warner Bros. Records’

Released in 1971

Mystic Moods

There’s A Good Earth Out Tonight

Mystic Moods

From the 45 on ‘Philips’ released in 196

Also to be found on the album by ‘ The Mystic Moods Orchestra’ called ‘Extensions’

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