Bonnie Dobson

I had the absolute pleasure to come out of self imposed exile in tower of folk funk and get hand held into playing a set for the legend that is Bonnie Dobson ! Yes – THE BONNIE DOBSON !!!

Although my set was set to an extremely low volume for some reason I got many compliments and Bonnie even said she loved my set and my poster !!!

I felt right blessed I did.

All from vinyl and yes the Sunforest is a re-issue I’d never pay £200+ for a record even if it is as good as this one !!!

I dedicate this one to ma jolie petite fleur x

Check it out and leave me a comment if you want.

Hope you enjoy.

October Country by Michael McGinnis
Sometimes by Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Flight Of The Ibis by McDonald And Giles
Happy Nightmare (Mescaline) by Focus
I Talk To The Wind by King Crimson
Love Is Blue by Ginger Hobby Horse
Pony by Annette Peacock
My Aunt Edna by Bonnie Koloc
Taking So Long by Kathy Smith
Summer Wind by Kathy Stack
Foggy Dew by Cathie O’Sullivan | Summerhaze
Ask Me No Questions by Bridget St. John
All I See Is You by Rabindra Danks
Strange Change by Jerry Scott
Magician In The Mountain by Sunforest
What Am I Doing Here? by Jim Spencer
High Flyer by Terry Brookes & Strange

Music Is Love

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