Contemporary Look at Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours #4

The fourth look into the vinyl vaults and a contemporary Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours mix

Hope you enjoy.

Unforgiven by Beck
Coastal Stations by July Skies
Arrows by Jane Weaver
Idle I’m (Colorama Coloured In Remix) by John Stammers
No Wonder I by Lake
Wild Eyes by Mariee Sioux
Little Sweet Betsy by Ryley Walker
Coming Down by The Lords Of Thyme
Thoughts Of You by Max Shrager
Follow Your Way by The Holydrug Couple
Molly Molasses by Mmoss
I’m Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me) by William Tyler
Mornin’ Son by Orange Can
All My Bastard Children by The Tyde
Strange Boy by El Michels Affair Feat. The Shack

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