Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Country Funk Volume 2

As Volume 1 went down well here is Volume 2. Another 20 picks from my own personal vinyl collection.

Country Funk Volume 2

I Walk On Guilded Splinters by Johnny Jenkins
Melt Not My Igloo by Larry Jon Wilson
You Better Move On by Travis Wammack
Ruby Ann by Ron Meneley
John The Rollin’ Man by Bob Lance
Little By Little by Goldie Zelkowitz
Love Junkie by Larry Henley
Honeysuckle by Compton & Batteau
I’m A Man by Doug “Cosmo” Clifford
Bless The Children by Don Cooper
The United States Of Mind by Wayne Talbert & The Melting Pot
High On Lovin’ by Doc Kirby & Co
Double Dealin’ Woman by Finley Brown
Sigmund’s Blues by Alan Gerber
Hobo Flats by Chuck Benard
Voodoo Woman by High Mountain Hoedown
Love Spider by Cincinnati Joe & Mad Lydia
Wag My Tail by Blac Dog
Puff Of Smoke by Roy Head
Washita Love Child by Jesse Davis

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