Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Country Funk Volume 3

Conutry Funk 3 more Country : Funk / Psyche / Rock /  or whatever genre you want to tag to this selection of my vinyl archives.

Country Funk Volume 3

Little Rain Cloud by Dale Hawkins
Right Place Wrong Time by Dr. John
Sign Of The Lion by Tony Joe White
Bustin’ My Brains by Elliott Randall
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard by Elvis Presley
All I Dream by Estelle Levitt
We Could Learn Together by Talya Ferro
Sweet & Salty Stuff by Alzo
My Kinda People by Wolfmoon
Sure Feels Good by Elvin Bishop
Making A Decision (Bring On Sunshine) by Charles Bevel
Song For Rebecca by Randy Loyd
Stealin’ In The Name Of The Lord by David Clayton-Thomas
People Together by Alan Gerber
I’m Going Home by Rod St. James
Funky Bottom Congregation by White Cloud
Leaving Trunk by Johnny Jenkins
Got Down On Saturday by Mickey Newbury
Funk #49 by Travis Wammack
What More Can I Say by Wayne Talbert & The Melting Pot

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