Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Country Funk Volume 5

So here we go with Volume 5 of the Country Funk series.

I’d took a punt on Lady Barber by Lynn Castle with Last Friday’s Fire and also picked up Diggin On Mrs. Jones by Bull, which is a country funk banger in the vain of of Mrs. Robinson, and my tiny brain thought, why, let’s put another Country Funk together.

I hope you’ll agree it bends and shifts genres without falling off the Country Funk tightrope.

Country Funk Volume 5

Gator by Jerry Reed
Little Jimmy Jones by Ronnie Fray
Nine Pounds of Hash Browns by James Talley
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard by O.C. Smith
Telephone Booth by Hoyt Axton
Rainy Day Resolution by Bill Wilson
Thunder In The Afternoon (Let It Rain) by Mac Davis
Trail Of Tears by Eugene Wallace
Swing With It by Nick Gravenites And Mike Bloomfield Featuring Paul Butterfield And Maria Muldaur
Suddenly by Wayne Talbert & The Melting Pot
We’re All In This Together by Bethany
Lovin’ Blues by Sue Steward
Sweet Country by Bobbie Gentry
L.A., Memphis & Tyler, Texas by Dale Hawkins
I Paid My Dues by Cincinnati Joe & Mad Lydia
The Lady Barber by Lynn Castle With Last Friday’s Fire
Baby Do You Turn Me On? by Tim Rose
Rosemary by John Roman Jackson
Diggin On Mrs. Jones by Bull
Beautiful Country by Turley Richards
Rapid Rainbow Times by Don Cooper
Scarlett Revisted by Mike Hurst

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