Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Country Funk Volume 6

So here we go with Volume 6 of the Country Funk series.

Bloody hell not another one I hear you cry!!! I had a few country funk selections left over so here is another 17 selections for your eargoggles.

They are all hanging around or dangling on the edge the Country Funk genre.

Country Funk Volume 6

I Feel Love For You by Jerry Scott
Woman Troubles by James Talley
Sun Country by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
That’s All Right by Hoyt Axton
Where Did The Good Times Go by Mac Davis
Underdog Backstreet by Warren Lee
Piledriver by Dennis The Fox
Greensville Woman by Jinx
Closer To The Truth by Alan James Eastwood
Lady Jane by Jae Mason
The ABC Song by Diamond Joe
Southern Fried Chicken by Bill Thomas & The Fendells
Moma Bakes Biscuits by The Best Of Both Worlds
The Whole Thang by Big Barney
Nightmare by Turley Richards
Baby What You Want Me To Do by Dale Hawkins
Apocalypse 1969 by John Buck Wilkin


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