Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours 63

March is upon us already, where does the time go? Why does it seem to speed up as I get older?!?

The speed to which time goes by is relative to the percentage of life that we have lived. You see, the longer we have lived, the less of a percentage of your experiences are left. So as you get older it seems like life is going by faster, when time still moves at constant speed. Does that help?

Back to the music. Titus And Ross is pretty special and was WhatsApp’d to me by Peter Beaver ‘this just popped up on my iTunes you might like it mate’, the man has forgotten more records than I even know! Mary’s Garden by John Roman Jackson is a favourite ‘domdedomdekitten’. Look out for Don’t You Feel It? by Eugene Wallace and the Jim Spencer track which ends the mix.

Hope you enjoy.

folk funk and trippy troubadours 63

  • Slow Burning Love by Hunter Davies
  • Lied Für Ulli by Steinwolke
  • Cycle Song by Titus And Ross
  • California Lady by James Kind and Stack
  • Mary’s Garden by John Roman Jackson
  • Flying by Nigel Mazlyn Jones
  • Well Well Well by Steve Ashley
  • Aweigh With Words by Ward & Johnson
  • Come Sunny May (Tune From My Band) by Tad Suckling
  • Sad-Eyed Queen Of The Mountains by Don Cooper
  • Abyss by Robb Kunkel
  • Don’t You Feel It? by Eugene Wallace
  • Chapter II – Some Things We’ll Never Know by Bobby Hudson
  • Ooh Baby (Make Me Feel So Young) by Terry Reid
  • Baby Do You Turn Me On? by Tim Rose
  • All I Can Do Is Sing by Mike Hurst
  • What Am I Doing Here? by Jim Spencer

Music Is Love

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