FFTT #76

It’s late December and with the ever hectic lifestyle and stress we all go through ramps up I thought it was time to slow down a little. So this chapter of Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours story is a bit more chilled. Please leave a message if you enjoy it. May peace be with you ~ music is love x

Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours 76

Track listing

Cymbaline by Pink Floyd
‘Til The Christ Come Back by Bill Fay
Fly High by Bridget St. John
Traveller by Justine
Bottles by Belle Gonzalez
Running Away by Carol McComb and Friends
Dream by Terry Reid
Virgin Spring by Mighty Baby
Merlyn by Jack Fischer
No Moon Tonight by The Omaha Loose Brothers
Interlude / Something’s Going Down by Elliott And Walter
Full Moon In Pisces by Brent Titcomb
December Dream by John Braheny
Rubber Bandit by Bradley Smith
Back In My Time by Bob McBride
Midnight Candlelight by Bob Pults
Just Too Heavy by Hans Poulsen

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Music Is Love

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