FFTT #77

Well another year flew past, and as always I’m hoping the next year will bring with it some peace and much joy. This last decade hasn’t been my finest and I will be glad to see the back of it. But I hope to bring you a few more Folk Funk & trippy Troubadours before I’m done. This episode is mostly upbeat numbers so please leave comments if you liked any of the tracks featured.

May peace be with you ~ music is love x

Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 77

Track listing

After You Leave Me by Overland Stage
Old Man Gibbs by John Drendall, B.A. Thrower & Friends
Calling From A Star by Merrell Fankhauser And The Maui Band
Wild West by Jack Fischer
How Long by Michael Spiro
Silent Tuesday by Bruce Epstein
Take Me To Your Home by Hanson
Hold Me by Warehouse Sound Co.
Reaching Out On All Sides by If
Calico Lady by Henry Schifter
Don’t Let It Bring You Down by Hookfoot
Bradshaw The Bison Hunter by East Of Eden
Whatever Life Demands by Glass Harp
Free From The City by The Poppy Family Featuring Susan Jacks
Mongoose by Elephant’s Memory
My Aunt Edna by Bonnie Koloc
Simplify Your Head by Marvin, Welch & Farrar

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Music Is Love

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