The second Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours of 2020. Track list will follow shortly, my Select members get the upfront track list and downloads for offline listening at their pleasure.

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Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 79

Track listing

4000 Years // Tim Frazier & Ron DeLa Vega

My Beautiful Lady // Bob McBride

Southbound // Glass Harp

Sligo Fair // Jonathan Kelly

Summer (The First Time) // Bobby Goldsboro

Apartment Twenty-One // John Buck Wilkin

Color Him Father // The Winstons

Rosie // John Culliton Mahoney

Nice // Joe Akens Got Down On

Saturday // Mickey Newbury More

Than A Matter // Liberation Suite

Bottom Dollar // Augustwolf

Riverboat // Don Fardon

In Bed // Matrix Fanta // Bobby Bloom Give In // The Purpose

California Dreaming // Harley Farquart Express

Poszłabym Za Tobą // Breakout

Tomorrow’s People – The Children Of Today // McDonald And Giles

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