Here is number eighty two. I hope this upload finds you in good health and the dreadful set of circumstances haven’t hit you badly. So whether you are in social isolation or having to work to keep things going this should help fill an hour, music is love.

A big thank you to anyone keeping things going, from the NHS / health workers to the bus drivers, postal workers to all the shop assistants. Keep safe and take care.


Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 82

Track listing

Talking To The Walls Again Blues //  Raychal Christian & M. C. Jones

Sunday Is Beautiful // Dave Evans

Sunday Morning // Terry Durham

Helaina // Tony Bruno

Peaceful // Al Johnson

Nude And Next To Nature Theme // Jéan-Claude T.

No Lie // John Makin & Friends

In The World Of Glass Treardrops // Jeremy & The Satyrs

Fresa Salvaje // Sanyago

Uno // Los Espadas

Scarlet Skies // Simon Caine

Island // Stack Medeiros Band

Annabelle // The Brothers Polk

Ice Cream Phoenix // Isaac Guillory

Mediterranean Lazy Heat Wave // Paul Brett’s Sage

Keep On Keeping On // Curtis Mayfield

Shoes // Brook Benton

Almost Cut My Hair // Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Reeves & Taylor

Wild In The Streets // Jerry Howard

Gypsy // The Treetops

Gange Mai // Quintessence

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