Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours 60

Another treat for your eargoggles as again I go-a-digging into my vinyl vaults at Folk Funk Towers.

I have a Keith Christmas track in this volume, myself and 5 other lucky souls saw him play live a few weeks ago and he was superb. John Martyn is here too. And Hugh Featherstone Blyth who I was lucky enough to hunt down and have an email conversation with, he was a delightful fellow and extremely helpful.

I think my favourite track on this mix might be the Xian belter by Malcolm & Alwyn.  Please enjoy. Favourite it too if you so wish. And share the frilly pants off it for me !!!  Comments are always welcome, you know that !!!

folk funk and trippy troubadours

  • The Colour Is Blue by Country Sun
  • New Year Revolution by Christopher Neil
  • One Stands Here by Billy Milo
  • Johnny Get Your Gun by Jimmy Curtiss
  • To Be Treated Rite by Terry Reid
  • Foothills by Keith Christmas
  • Head And Heart by John Martyn
  • Streetcar Magic by Hugh Featherstone Blyth
  • Love Has Come To Me by Lovecraft
  • Mr. Moonlight by Timothy
  • Hymn Of The Father by Ellis And Lynch
  • Resurrection by Michael Stanley
  • Sunny Afternoon by Paul Bredin
  • Happy Nightmare (Mescaline) by Focus
  • Enough It Is Done by F. J. McMahon
  • Say It Like It Is by Malcolm & Alwyn
  • Be Free by Loggins & Messina

Music is Love !! ( Happy 76th birthday Cros X )

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