Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours 61

Another treat for your eargoggles as again I go-a-digging into my vinyl vaults at Folk Funk Towers.

folk funk and trippy troubadours

  • Sister Bessie by Air
  • Would You Believe In Me by Jon Lucien
  • Grandma’s Hands by Gil Scott-Heron
  • Mr. Cool by Rasputin’s Stash
  • La Musique by Mathieu
  • Compared To What by Sweetwater
  • Something Special by The Road Home
  • Rock Salt by Jackie Lomax
  • All Gone Blues Act II by Turnquist Remedy
  • Riding Free by Mark-Almond
  • I’m Beginning To Feel It by Overland Stage
  • Bad Water Canyon by Steve Ashcroft
  • Tuane by Hammer
  • Blues by Terry Callier

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