It’s July and hello Folk Funkers ! Thank you so much for sticking with me through all these mixes. Number Sixty Five who’d have thunk it ? I know I post blummin’ loads but have slowed down a lot recently.

I’m hoping to keep the Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours up till 100 !!!

I hope you are still enjoying them ?


Track listing

Cherry // J.J. Cale

Thyme To Rhyme // Master’s Apprentices

In The Middle // John Renton

Beneath The Redwoods // Morrison Kincannon

Another Broken Prophet (On The Road) // Ward & Johnson

Cycle Song // Titus And Ross

Love Spider // Cincinnati Joe & Mad Lydia

To Be Lonely // Sammy Baksh

Mad Woman // Dave Porter

Birds Fly So High // Damon

Strange Change // Jerry Scott

One Day Without You // John Martyn

La Valse // Diane Tell

Varech // Henri Texier

Nueiba Nueiba // Shimshon Miel

Sunset Scenery // The Dragons

Sunrise // Cherubin

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