Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours 66

Well September is upon us and August was not the most productive of months for me, sorry about that.

But a selection of folk funk and trippy troubadours now up for you to enjoy.


  • On Pleasure / Pleasure Is A Freedom Song (The Prophet) by Kahlil Gibran Featuring Richard Harris
  • Seers Of The Truth by Golden Avatar
  • Sahajia (We’re Born Together) by Brent Titcomb
  • Love Sweet Love by Francisco
  • Sahajiya by Tommy Graham
  • Bushes And Brambles by Neil Harbus
  • The March Of The Goon Platoon by Tomales Bay
  • Déjà Vu / Lightstorm by Bruce Cockburn
  • Bitter Was The Night by Franciscus Henri
  • Find An Answer by Titus And Ross
  • Rainmaker by Traffic
  • Weaving by Jeff Resnick
  • Love Is Blue by Ginger Hobby Horse
  • Barrows Blues by John Wesley Dickson Band
  • Free At Last by Rex Rizzs
  • Express Thyself by Earlywine
  • Blue Water (Promo) by Mark James

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