FFTT #71

A brand new mix for July 2019.

Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 71

Track list

Attunement by Sigurd F. Olson
Medicine Wheel by David Riordan
Nature by Les Crane
Love 40 by Cowboy
Daydream by Brent Titcomb
Canadian Ships by Shaun Harris
Smiling Face by Morrison Kincannon
River by Pollution
The Isles Of Saganaga by Douglas Wood
Foggy Dew by Summerhaze
Holy Wind Sail by Jim Tomkinson
Two Years Before The Mast by Reef Cody
Keep Me In Mind by Loggins & Messina
Lady Grace by Warehouse Sound Co.
Ride Those Silver Sea by Jerry Damon
Imaginary Mary by Randy Denison
Nature Boy by Richard Barbary : Soul Machine
Dau Rhosyn Coch by Meic Stevens
High & Dry by John Wesley Dickson Band
Don’t Cry For Me by John Braheny

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