FFTT #71

A brand new mix for July 2019.

Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 71

  • Attunement by Sigurd F. Olson
  • Medicine Wheel by David Riordan
  • Nature by Les Crane
  • Love 40 by Cowboy
  • Daydream by Brent Titcomb
  • Canadian Ships by Shaun Harris
  • Smiling Face by Morrison Kincannon
  • River by Pollution
  • The Isles Of Saganaga by Douglas Wood
  • Foggy Dew by Summerhaze
  • Holy Wind Sail by Jim Tomkinson
  • Two Years Before The Mast by Reef Cody
  • Keep Me In Mind by Loggins & Messina
  • Lady Grace by Warehouse Sound Co.
  • Ride Those Silver Sea by Jerry Damon
  • Imaginary Mary by Randy Denison
  • Nature Boy by Richard Barbary : Soul Machine
  • Dau Rhosyn Coch by Meic Stevens
  • High & Dry by John Wesley Dickson Band
  • Don’t Cry For Me by John Braheny

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