FFTT #74

The month of September is upon us. I’m not feeling that great and struggling to get my life back on track, wish I could shake this darkness. Blessed that I have my children. And to quiet the tempest in my head I have my records, heres another 18 tracks from the vaults, compiled and gentle segued into Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours number seventy four. 77 minutes respite from the black dog – music is love x

Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 74

Track listing

  • I Feel by John Drendall, B.A. Thrower & Friends
  • Sunniland by Dion
  • Edge Of The Sea by Prelude
  • Sunwheel by The Paul Winter Consort
  • Rain On Me by John Villemonte
  • Aegian Sea by Aphrodite’s Child
  • Jug Of Love by Mighty Baby
  • Lady Of The Mountains by Severance & Cassidy
  • Alone With The Ocean by Gabriel Gladstar
  • Lady Rain by Lexia
  • Morning Sunshine by Scott Madry
  • Man Without A Home by Turning Point
  • Blackbird’s Gathering by The Omaha Loose Brothers
  • Northwoods by Douglas Wood
  • What You’re Doin’ To Me by Mical & Cee
  • It Didn’t Take Too Long by Gary Higgins
  • Something About You by The Spaulding Wood Affair
  • Judge Me by Eddie Callahan

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Music Is Love

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