FFTT #74

The month of September is upon us. I’m not feeling that great and struggling to get my life back on track, wish I could shake this darkness. Blessed that I have my children. And to quiet the tempest in my head I have my records, heres another 18 tracks from the vaults, compiled and gentle segued into Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours number seventy four. 77 minutes respite from the black dog – music is love x

Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours 74

Track listing

I Feel by John Drendall, B.A. Thrower & Friends
Sunniland by Dion
Edge Of The Sea by Prelude
Sunwheel by The Paul Winter Consort
Rain On Me by John Villemonte
Aegian Sea by Aphrodite’s Child
Jug Of Love by Mighty Baby
Lady Of The Mountains by Severance & Cassidy
Alone With The Ocean by Gabriel Gladstar
Lady Rain by Lexia
Morning Sunshine by Scott Madry
Man Without A Home by Turning Point
Blackbird’s Gathering by The Omaha Loose Brothers
Northwoods by Douglas Wood
What You’re Doin’ To Me by Mical & Cee
It Didn’t Take Too Long by Gary Higgins
Something About You by The Spaulding Wood Affair
Judge Me by Eddie Callahan

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Music Is Love

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