Harbor Place - For AOR Disco
Harbor Place – For AOR Disco

Another mix curated by me for AOR Disco.

The tracklist and download will be hosted on the AOR Disco blog page ASAP and once it is I will link you to it !!!


Sleeper In The Waves by Dan Rubin
American Sunset by Jack Adkins
One Golden Moment by Robin Woodland
A Lifetime We by Robert Lamm
Sweet Mirth by Michael de Albuquerque
Turn by Jimmy Ponder
First Impressions by Bobby Hart
Rather You Than Me by Broken Glass
Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You by Charlie Ross
Barrows Blues by John Wesley Dickson Band
New York Summer (Take Care Of Your Business) by Charlie Bleak
Harbor Place by Steve Turner
I Will Not Pass You By by Michael Tomlinson
Santa Barbara Girl by Barry Coates and The Hats
Sea by Wayne Canney / Tiger Rose
Sahajia (We’re Born Together) by Brent Titcomb
Happy Is The Word by Salty Miller
Seasons Of Doubt by Finnigan / Finlon
Tell Me With Your Eyes by Don Potter
My Fate by Ara-Pacis

AOR Disco was started in 2009 by Matthew Hamilton with a mission to rediscover the lost golden age of Adult Orientated Rock. From the beardy acoustic era of late 1960s Laurel Canyon to the white-suited Yacht Rock yuppies of the early 1980s, AOR Disco seeks out the best in vintage Californian drive-time hits, soft-rock disco, psychedelic funk, and the kind of obscure album tracks you might find at the back of your dad’s record collection.

This isn’t some guilty pleasures site however. Having been misunderstood and marginalised by the music press for decades AOR is finally being given the love it deserves by a new generation of DJs and producers who give the old classics a very modern shine whilst retaining the spirit of the originals.

AOR is back and you need never say sorry for liking this music ever again.

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