Blummin’ ‘eck it’s August already. The month of eight in the calendar of Julian, named after Caesar Augustus. 31 days of whatever life has in store for you. At least you have this selection of fourteen from the vinyl vaults of the Folk Funk towers to keep you in good steed. For the next one hour and sixteen minutes at least.

Sun Dreams // August 2019

Enjoy x

Jewels by Squash
Wiegenlied by Peter Finger & Florian Poser
Love 40 by Cowboy
Flow by Gabriel Gladstar
Loud, Loud, Loud by Aphrodite’s Child
Summer Is Fading by Jim Capaldi
Sun Dreams by Belle Gonzalez
Winter Sky by The Omaha Loose Brothers
Get Back Your Love by Flyer
Hoop Dancer by Bruce Cockburn
Wise Man In Your Heart by Daevid Allen & Euterpe
Glittering Circles by Neil Ardley
Aria by Placebo
Nights Of Ibiza by Jukka Tolonen

Music Is Love

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