A new mix I have been messing about with for a while, contains a few tracks I wanted to use together. Some have been used in previous mixes so excuse the repetition. A bit like a Volume 2 of the Balearic Guilty Pleasures. Contains lot’s of eighties European stuff. Hope you enjoy !!!

Terra Magica

  • Window Across The Street by Fay Lovsky
  • It’s So Different Here by Rachel Sweet
  • Do You Really Wanna Go by Jackie Robinson
  • Mise Au Point by Jakie Quartz
  • Bébé Reggae by Babeth
  • Sunshine Baby by Clout
  • Kaddish by Gina X
  • Erection by Mag & The Suspects
  • Zwei (Dub Version) by Electric Mind
  • Goosebumps by Debra Dejean
  • Meuterei Auf Dem Immenhof by Lichtblick
  • Au Paradis by Chagrin D’amour
  • Bambou by Alain Chamfort
  • Survivor by Mike Francis
  • Dimmi Dimmi by Dalla / Morandi
  • Hold On by Stephane Sévérac
  • Terra Mágica by Lena D’Água
  • Aimer D’Amour by Boule Noire
  • Yes I Know My Way by Pino Daniele

Music is Love

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