Blimey the hottest day for a while here at Folk Funk Towers, my poor old iMac had to be switched off and given an iced tea as it was struggling with the heat. That’s why this wasn’t uploaded sooner. An ambient chilled soundtrack to your late afternoon or which ever part of your day this reaches your ear goggles. Keep cool.

To Be Continued...

Enjoy x

The Gentle Fawn by Sam Sklair (Conroy Music Library)
Clair De Lune (Suite Bergamasque, No. 3 by Isao Tomita
Woodhenge by Mike Oldfield
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by The Robert Mellin Orchestra
Ein Klang Aus Vielen Welten by Anselm Spring
Tonada De Ordeño by Frank Harris & Maria Marquez
“To Be Continued…” by Björn JSon Lindh
Rain by The Val Dusty Experiment
Bali Waters by Taman Shud
Treibenlassen by Peter Finger & Florian Poser
Reading A Wave [Played at 33RPM] by Arp
Let Love Find You (Lexx Remix) by Incarnations
Atlantis by Release Music Orchestra
Electronic System by Skylab

Music Is Love

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