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Too Soon You’re Old


Slow Burning Candle / Sally Townes

I Wanna See It Again / Jennifer Lyn

You Sho’ Look Good To Me / Evie Sands

Too Soon You’re Old / Penny Goodwin With The Ray Tabs Trio & Orchestra

It Was Time To Go / Jerry Scott

Church / Bob Welch

Dancer / Ken Tobias

Hold Me / David Riordan

She’s Gone / Moon Williams

Desert Lady / Richard Torrance

So Close To You / Arthur Indenbaum

Hoo Doo Love / The Rowans

How Does It Feel (To Be In Love) / LeBlanc & Carr

Because I Love You / Barry Coates and The Hats

Leave It All / Magnolia

Night For Crying / Tim Weisberg

Why Did You Do It / Stretch

10 / Paris Holley

Over And Over / Space Opera

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