You Make Me So Nervous


Sweet Summer Music / Attitudes

The Dawn / Banana Brothers

Strangers / Locust

When Will The Day Come / Rasa

Tears And Secrets / El Roacho

City Walking Blues / John Renton

Crossfire / Henry Paul Band

This Life Is Living / Mark Williamson

Gentle Thoughts / David Diggs

Judy Lane / Steve Turner

Mutual Feeling / Erik Tagg

Can’t Find Ya by Harry Case

Future Pilot / Brian Auger & Julie Tippetts

Don’t It Drive You Crazy / Madelaine

Never Was Love / The Judy Roberts Band

Horny Toads And Foolish Quail / Fowler Brothers & Air Pocket

You Make Me So Nervous / Anne-Marie Giørtz Band

Thinking Of You / Carl Filipiak Group

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