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A slightly warped C90 left out in the sun too long, glitched and gently baked. Oozing summer vibes, the sound of the sea and cocktails by the pool…

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Beached Modern Yacht Roack
Beached // Dip Your Toe In

Fruit Shaped Penis by Mcbaise
Fruit Shaped Penis by Mcbaise

Mcbaise has been described as “ probably the best thing to ever come out of Cannes”, originally from the south coast of France and now living in London his style has been heavily influenced by both places to create a kind of smooth yacht rock. Seabass is his first album, recorded in Cannes with the help of his cousin Mcbess, trying to capture the boredom and the nostalgia of being in their hometown.

Released June 18, 2014

Fredfades & Ivan Ave
We Out by Fredfades & Ivan Ave

Released December 4, 2015

Cool Out by Surfing

Following up from their underground classic ‘Deep Fantasy’ , SURFING are back with their second album, INCUBO™. A blend of lo-fi punkish funk & pop, INCUBO™ takes on a more melodic and harmony filled journey while showcasing the duo’s unique style of songwriting.

Hazy guitars, funk basslines and nostalgic synths combine with catchy vocal melodies to create a darker, theatrical side of pop music.

Released July 13, 2018

Underwater Theme by Hoops
Underwater Theme by Hoops

Released May 5, 2017

Takin' You For A Ride by Pandrezz
Love Like A River by Sofasound

Chillhop Essentials Summer compilation, 30 artists share their best Summer treats.

Released June 20th, 2018

The Rising Sun by Ducktails
The Rising Sun by Ducktails

The sixth album by Ducktails. Written, recorded and produced by Matthew Mondanile. Mixed by Ernie Indradat and Matthew Mondanile at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Released December 12, 2018

A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, An Activity by LOVING
A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, An Activity by LOVING

Released June 11, 2016

So Easy by Paul Cherry
So Easy by Paul Cherry

“Flavour” is the LP from Chicago artist, Paul Cherry. Release date March 31, 2018 on Feeltrip Records.

Paul Cherewick, aka Paul Cherry, came up during Chicago’s garage rock golden age in 2014. Despite being in the thick of the DIY scene with up and coming bands such as Twin Peaks and The Lemons, Paul has abandoned the all too familiar lo-fi rock sound of his first EP, “On Top”. The Cherry has completely reinvented himself and spent the last 2 years returning to his jazz roots on this upcoming LP, “Flavour”.

The first single, “Like Yesterday”, sets the tone for the record as a brilliantly written, mid-tempo pop ballad. It would fit nicely as a modern addition to Paul McCartney’s “Ram” or Todd Rundgren’s “Something/Anything,” or even Player’s “Baby Come Back.” Paul Cherry crafts melodies on Flavour that sit at the intersection of 1970s yacht rock and Ariel Pink’s lo-fi dream pop. Lyrically, Paul touches on millennial culture with references to texting and social media, giving a modern light-hearted twist to age old old themes of love lost, missed connections and polar political climates.

Released March 31, 2018

Smooth Aisles by Michael Nau
Released November 18, 2016

Here Comes Friday by Gecko Turner

Gecko Turner’s fourth album, That Place By The Thing With The Cool Name is a marvelous journey. A globetrotter lifestyle and the opportunity to share experiences with musicians from remote places are the reason for the exuberant worldliness of this album. First signed to Quango, Gecko Turner released Guapapasea! in 2006 and has been going strong ever since.

There is an incredible band playing on the album. Guitarist Rafa Prieto and bass player Dr. Robelto, whose Fender Bass is the backbone of the full sound of the Afrobeatnik Orchestra, have played on most of the tracks, with the participation of musicians from Texas, Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Guinea, England and Extremedura, transforming what Gecko once defined as his “soniquete”. But despite all these flavours, the album still sounds distinctly like Gecko Turner and comes packed with his unique and unorthodox interpretation of Soul.

The songs cross the frontier of an imaginary space, that “imaginary South” that can be found on the Guadiana/Mississippi River, which has its capital in the American deep south and which shares borders with Nigeria, Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba and Latin Harlem. In this imaginary space the spirits of Coltrane and Lou Reed roam freely and proudly make appearances on some of the songs, especially the last two on the album.

“That Place By The Thing With The Cool Name” is not just a brilliant name, it is an overwhelmingly good album, created with the humility that only the very best have.

Released April 27, 2015

Thinking Bout You by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

Originally by Frank Ocean.

Released January 13, 2017

Abandoned Buick by Charles Watson
Abandoned Buick by Charles Watson

Charles Watson – the London based songwriter/producer and member of indie duo Slow Club and garage-rock super group The Surfing Magazines – announces the release of his debut solo record Now That I’m A River on 18th May via Moshi Moshi Records.

Not only is this Watson’s solo debut but it also marks his first foray into production. Exploring his relationship with traditional harmony singing, Watson worked with sampled versions of his own voice to create unusual vocal textures.

A former writing student of Central St Martins and The Faber Academy, Watson uses his own fiction writing as a spring board for his lyrics, a method he has also used for his previous records. The new album takes inspiration from the reoccurring themes and language of the JG Ballard novel ‘Hello America’. Now That I’m A River was co-produced by Watson with longtime collaborator David Glover at Tesla Studios in Sheffield and features a hand-picked band, including Guillemot’s Fyfe Dangerfield and Hot Club De Paris’ Paul Rafferty. Rozi Plain and members of The Deep Throat Choir and Trashkit also make an appearance on the album title track ‘Now That I’m A River’.

Released May 18, 2018

Wonder Woman by Leonard Charles

In 2013 Leonard Charles was the victim of an unprovoked assault, a coward punch, which happened at a bar following a performance of his jazz quartet. This assault left him with a head injury that is still with him today.

To help with brain recovery Charles spent the “difficult” days, the ones where head pain was so unbearable it was hard for him to interact as a normal human, in his recording studio treating music as a creative meditative healing tool. Charles hoped that being able to meditate on music would help heal the damaged pathways in his brain. The free-form nature of jazz and improvised electronica seemed the perfect vehicle for this.

These songs are a collection of some of the improvisations Charles recorded. They are spontaneous, improvisational and creative. The hope is that these songs will provide the listener with a creative tool of their own to use at will when ever they are in need of some inspiration and musical healing.

Released October 2, 2014

Young Coconut by Mac DeMarco

All songs written and recorded July 4 – 8 2015 in Far Rockaway, Queens NY.

Released July 8, 2015

You by Jerry Paper
Commercial Break by Jerry Paper

Like A Baby is co-produced by Jerry (aka Lucas Nathan) and Matty Tavares of BadBadNotGood. The album features work from musicians Weyes Blood, Mild High Club’s Alex Brettin, and vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson. Inspired by a move from NYC back to Nathan’s hometown of L.A., Like A Baby explores existential themes tied to “the endless human cycle of desire and satisfaction.”

Released October 12, 2018

Tomorrow We Will Love Again by Bluestaeb

From Paris and released on Jakarta Records .

Released November 6, 2015

Chillhop Essentials - Winter 2018
Gratitude by Ruck P

Swiss based multi-instrumentalist & DJ

Released December 12, 2018

Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn by Calm
Afterglow and First Star by Calm

As always with Hell Yeah, the next release comes from an artist label boss Marco fell utterly in love with before forming a close musical relationship. His name is Calm, and this summer he releases his eighth studio album, ‘By Your Side’. It is an effortlessly evocative long player and magical ten track trip into soothing sonic waters, glistening harmonies and horizontal rhythms.

Calm is Japanese artist Fukagawa Kiyotaka, someone who has been making deep house, ambient and downtempo grooves since the late nighties, and always teasing spine tingling emotions out of his machines. His last album—2015’s From My Window—cast a real spell on Marco and encouraged him to reach out. The pair eventually hooked up in Tokyo and found real musical kinship while playing records together.

“Apart being a wonderfully calm person, he went straight into my top five selectors,” says Marco. “His taste and music programming are simply delicious. His set was one aural discovery after the other.” The album comes with special artwork by Andrea Amaducci and takes in some sure-to-be-big tunes that are already being supported by those who know such as Moonboots, Chris Coco, Phil Mison, Mixmaster Morris.

Majestic opener ‘Space Is My Place’ transports you straight to a blue sky paradise with rippling chords reflecting the warm sun and is ripe to become a modern classic. From there Calm’s masterful synths keep you flat on your back and gazing up to the heavens as gently drums roll beneath the brilliant ’Afterglow and First Star’ and then ‘Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn’ is a little more reflective as it rues the end of warmer days.

‘Sky, Colour, Passing’ is floating celestial bliss with angelic harmonies, ‘Shadows and Lights’ is a lazy Sunday soundtrack with delicate piano keys and the gentle chug of ‘Before Landing’ glows with cosmic light and warms you with astral disco grooves that will be the jewel in any open air DJ set. After the sensuous moments of ‘Mellow Mellow Sadness’ encourage you to reach out and hug someone close, ‘Shade of Tree’ washes over you like a seaside breeze before the final two tracks layer up synth modulations and quietly epic guitars into rousing pieces of slow motion euphoria.

Released July 25, 2018

Midnight Pursuit by Engelwood
Midnight Pursuit by Engelwood

From the album Boardwalk Bumps 2. Engelwood is from Madison, Wisconsin 

Released August 30, 2018

The Line by Seoul

Written, recorded and mixed by Seoul, 2010-2014

Released June 9, 2015

Fredfades & Ivan Ave
Back To The Streets by Fredfades & Ivan Ave

Samples Back To The Streets by Rudy Norman, one of my favourites from 1980

Released December 4, 2015

Fruit Shaped Penis by Mcbaise
Hell Yacht ( Le Bateau A Pute ) by Mcbaise

Released June 18, 2014

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