Mark Gardner asked me to supply something for his new mixtape series. The idea being a mix that would sit on one side of a C90 cassette tape. So around 45 minutes long. I really wanted to move away from the Folk Funk and AOR stuff for the mix. And put together a mix of newer stuff I had been listening too. Mainly Bandcamp finds. The influence came from “Spirit Of Akasha” Original Film Soundtrack which in turn was a Celebration of the seminal Australian film Morning Of The Earth. It introduced some new names to me and I ended up digging into Australian artists.

Here is mix C90 1

  1. Me And The Devil by Soap&Skin
  2. Thoughts Of You by Max Shrager
  3. Stonecutters by Dope Lemon
  4. Painfully by Fog Lake
  5. He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive by Nicholas Krgovich
  6. No Surprise by El Michels Affair Feat. The Shacks
  7. The Bully by Richard Swift
  8. Walkin’ Around by Jade Imagine
  9. Windows by Sugar Candy Mountain
  10. Sub Zero by Stephen Bailey
  11. Green Twins by Nick Hakim
  12. Once in a While by Paul & the Tall Trees
  13. Rain by The Shacks


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