I enjoyed doing the mix for Mark Garners show so much that I decided to do a few more. The mix for Mark was aired on the 23rd December 2017.

So this is the second mix in that series and again the same format of under 45 minutes long (one side of a C90).

  1. Silo by Stephen Bailey
  2. Stab Central by Laurie Shaw
  3. Sweet Sound of Ignorance by Soko
  4. Dreaming by Silicon Estate
  5. Roller Skates by Nick Hakim
  6. Eye On You by Sugar Candy Mountain
  7. Inference (i) by Fog Lake
  8. PMQ by Static Animal
  9. The Way You Do by Dope Lemon
  10. Psalms by Arbes
  11. Kasumi SongBird by Kiowa
  12. Say You Love Me Too  by Jonathan Bree (feat. Clara Viñals)


Music Is Love

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