So here is C90 4 ~ I guess if this was on a tape this would be the B side of the second C90 cassette.

This edition contains more from the wonderful 10″ by The Shacks. Another track from Dope Lemon and a track from the Ariel Pink album Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (thanks Simon) plus more Bandcamp beauties, Tape Waves, Arbes, Soccer Mummy and more Australian finds like Black Mountain Drive by Neko Pink.

Not forgetting the sublime Boom Bip track Roads Must Roll to end this edition . . . Click . . . Whirl . . . Clunk

Hope you are enjoying these 45 minute specials as much as I am ! ? !

  1. Exhale by Ingrid Chavez
  2. Sweet Fruit by LOVING
  3. Coyote by Dope Lemon
  4. Waiting Around (Colorama Colorific Remix) by John Stammers
  5. Audrey Hepburn by The Shacks
  6. Another Weekend by Ariel Pink
  7. Lavender Blood by Fox Academy
  8. Switzerland by Soccer Mommy
  9. Caught In A Lie by Chastity Belt
  10. Key Largo by Arbes
  11. Close Your Eyes by Tape Waves
  12. Black Mountain Drive by Neko Pink
  13. Roads Must Roll by Boom Bip


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