On to the fifth installment of this series of newer sounds. Well newer sounds to me. Really enjoyed delving into dream pop and the DIY world of bedroom lo-fi.

We kick things off with a band from Seattle, Washington called Seapony – Nothing’s Right from their Be Here Again EP available on Bandcamp. The song has a little bit of Joy Division the Peel Sessions faster version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. And even more from the Tape Waves and the wonderful Arbes.

I hope you are enjoying this short 45 min mixes? I managed to squeeze and extra 30 seconds out the cassette on Side A … Click . . . Whirl . . . Clunk

  1. Nothing’s Right by Seapony
  2. Girl by Sobs
  3. My Baby Is Gone by Saint Estrela
  4. Jennifer by Fazerdaze
  5. Reichpop by Wild Nothing
  6. Escape by Beach Vacation
  7. So Fast by Tape Waves
  8. Chapel Street by Candy
  9. Rainbow Road by Cloud
  10. Beach Side by Arbes
  11. Who I Am by Sugar Candy Mountain
  12. It’s Not Real by Hazel English
  13. The Coming Rain by The Drink


Music Is Love

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