So installment 6 of this series. I hope you have enjoyed something in a new direction from me. I will upload C90 1 as it was broadcast last night by Mark Gardner on his show at

Do jump over to Bandcamp and check out some of the new music featured in this series !!! This is the end of this series but I will be throwing random new music mixes up over the next few months.

  1. Waves by Beach Vacation
  2. So Easy by Paul Cherry with the Lemons
  3. One More Love Song by Mac DeMarco
  4. Memories by Pastel Dream
  5. Breeze by Horsebeach
  6. Face on the Wall by CASTLEBEAT
  7. Road Head by Japanese Breakfast
  8. Sun’s Out by Hoops
  9. Always Shines by Tape Waves
  10. Waver by VIM
  11. Sun On My Back by Arbes
  12. Peach Boy by Jay Som
  13. Cosmic Realignment by Subsonic Eye


Music Is Love

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