Since the first 10 compilations were finished I have continued to collate and commingle some of my favourite British music that has been toe-dipped into the village pond of UK folk. I call them Wayfarers All, a collection of British music with folk sensibilities lovingly curated by me, Paul Hillery.

They contain a few artists you don’t usually associate with folk, but just give it a whirl I think you’ll dig it.

Track listings

wayfarers all 13 cover

Wayfarers All : Volume Thirteen

Moonshine / Orion

Social Depression / J. Rainey

Song For Every Season / Peter Franc

With His Siller In His Hand / Tom Sorahan

Feelings (Look Around – I Want To Feel You) / Ithaca

O Caroline / Matching Mole

Purbeck Hills / Nicky Hann

Dance Of The Evening Midges / Gavin James

Milestones / Terry Reid

Thoughts / Gothic Horizon

Space In Time / Keith James

Angel Of The Lord / Forever More

Dandelion Song / Chris Comsey

In The Mud / Gary Farr

Castle Sand / Brian Davison’s Every Which Way

It’s Alright Now / Steve Adams

What You Mean To Me / Paul Brett

Only You Know And I Know / Dave Mason

Man From Afghanistan / Curtiss Maldoon

wayfarers all 12 cover

Wayfarers All : Volume Twelve

The Turtle Dove / The Barrow Poets

In Ancient Times / People

White Room Dreaming / Terry Durham

Mourning Sad Morning / Free

I Like To Be With You In The Sun / Bridget St. John

Now If You Remember / Julie Tippetts

See How The Time / Wizz Jones

Things To Try / Terry Reid

Road / Nick Drake

Strangely Human Sound / Paul Jones

Raise Your Heads To The Wind / Richmond

Elaine / Norman Haines

In The Square / The Pretty Things

Sunny Goodge Street / Marianne Faithfull

The Orphan / Ottilie Patterson

Niwl y Môr / Galwad Y Mynydd

Walking Round / Manfred Mann

Money Love / Brian Protheroe

Nature Boy / Accolade

Message To Pretty / Dorris Henderson with John Renbourn

Wayfarers All : Volume Eleven

Man Of The World / Fleetwood Mac

Jug Of Love / Mighty Baby

Washed On The Shore / Ian Strachan and Anthony Griffiths

With His Siller In His Hand / Tom Sorahan

The Magic Wasn’t There / Julie Covington

Lisa Lån / Aled & Nia

Crumbling Land / Pink Floyd

What’s The Use / The Pretty Things

I Really Wanted You / Steve Tilston

Sentinel / Nigel Mazlyn Jones

Sligo Fair / Jonathan Kelly

Hotel Room / Prelude

Air Mail / Hugh Featherstone Blyth

Acapulco Gold / Roy Harper

Good Morning Morning / David And David

Crystal Telephone / Terry Durham

Wolf In The Water / Storyteller

Revolution Of The Season / Gary Farr

Stranger / Michael Chapman

You can find the first ten in the series by following this link

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