At the end of the sixties the hippie hangover was being shook from weary heads of a generation who thought they would change the world. Disillusioned, they went looking for new kicks to feed their head.

In America singer songwriters dabbled with introspective loner folk, Xian folk, and morphed into the cocaine cowboys, of Laurel Canyon. In the UK a few musicians moved back to a folk path with a more progressive styling, shapeshifting experimentation and acoustic avant-grade. This series of mixes looks at a group of musical wayfarers on this scepter’d isle who dipped their toes into the slowly winding river of the type of folk I like. I call them Wayfarers All, a collection of British music with folk sensibilities lovingly curated and commingled by me, Paul Hillery.

They contain a few artists you don’t usually associated with folk, but just give it a whirl I think you’ll dig it.

You can find a glossary of the artists used in these mixes by clicking on this link

Track listings

Wayfarers All : Volume Ten

Place To Be / Nick Drake

Silver Coin / Bridget St. John

Up North / Catherine Howe

Matty Groves / Fairport Convention

Lover’s Cabaret / Keith Christmas

If You’re Not Part Of The Solution, You Must Be Part Of The Problem / Mick Softley

Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave / Dave Mason

Over The Hill / John Martyn

Island / Renaissance

Mediterranean Lazy Heat Wave / Paul Brett’s Sage

Closer To The Truth / Alan James Eastwood

Question Of Time / Chris Harwood

Gypsy / The Treetops

Ooh Baby (Make Me Feel So Young) / Terry Reid

Summer Is Fading / Jim Capaldi

Hyde Park Angels / Jonathan Kelly

Dear Mr. Fantasy / Traffic

Screams In The Ears / Bill Fay

Wayfarers All : Volume Nine

Wayfarers All : Volume Nine

Up The Pool / Jethro Tull

Pearl And Bird / Quintessence

Yorric / Meic Stevens

The Answer / Peter Bardens

Hazey Jane II / Nick Drake

Empty Days / Martyn Bradley

Go Out And Get It / John & Beverley Martyn

Sky Dance / John Trevor

Go On Home / Accolade

Sunday Is Beautiful / Dave Evans

Bad Water Canyon / Steve Ashcroft

Dean / Terry Reid

Moonlight / Gavin James

Streetcar Magic / Hugh Featherstone Blyth

Ballad Of Cursed Anna / Jonathan Kelly

Strange News / Alan James Eastwood

Say It Like It Is / Malcolm & Alwyn

Chelsea Morning / Sylvia McNeill

Run Shaker Life / Paul Nicholas

Wayfarers All : Volume Eight

Broken Web / Cobweb

Live With Me / Humble Pie

Just For A Moment / Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane

Seeds / Alan James Eastwood

Cadence & Cascade / King Crimson

Bless The Weather / John Martyn

Thank Heavens I’ve Got You / Marvin, Welch & Farrar

Country Girl / Jake Thackray

From The Morning / Nick Drake

Love / Bronco

Reaching Out On All Sides / If

Journey II (A Game For All Who Know) / Ithaca

Flying / Justine

All On The First Day / Tony, Caro & John

Someone / Claggers

Mirage / The Pentangle

Wooden Ships / Chris Harwood

Wayfarers All Vol 7

Wayfarers All : Volume Seven

Om / The Moody Blues

Notting Hill Gate / Quintessence

Eye To Eye / Audience

Sepia Sister / Shoot

Same Way From The Sun / Mighty Baby

Crab Apple Jam / David Snell

There’s No Vibration But Wait / Edgar Broughton Band

Bradshaw The Bison Hunter / East of Eden

Soulful Lady / Michael Chapman

Dead / Dana Gillespie

Get Thy Bearings / Donovan

Welcome Home / Andy Roberts

Solid Air / John Martyn

Northern Sky / Nick Drake

Waterfall / Mick Softley

Twelve Hours Of Sunset / Roy Harper

A Maid That’s Deep In Love / Pentangle

Wayfarers All : Volume Six

Hazey Jane I / Nick Drake

Richmond / Andy Roberts

Rod’s Song / Shelagh McDonald

Dreams (Story Of Our Time – Beneath This Sky) / Ithaca

Love You More Than It’s Good For Me To / Justine

Across The Sound / Stuart Marson

Virgin Spring / Mighty Baby

I’ll See You Again / Roy Harper

Seed Of Memory / Terry Reid

Earth And Water Song / Humble Pie

Flight Of The Ibis / McDonald And Giles

Sometimes / Manfred Mann Chapter Three

I Talk To The Wind / King Crimson

Legend Of A Mind / The Moody Blues

Taken All The Good Things / Stray

Wayfarers All Vol 5

Wayfarers All : Volume Five

She Brings The Morning With Her / Justine

The Garden Of Jane Delawney / Trees

Black Cat / Magic Carpet

To Make You Stay / Lal & Mike Waterson

Searching For Lambs / Christopher & Janet Ridley

Blackwaterside / Anne Briggs

After The Dance / Bert Jansch & John Renbourn

Waiting For The Sun / Waiting For The Sun

Kind Sir / Agincourt

Under The Tree / Shide And Acorn

All Around My Grandmother’s Floor / Nadia Cattouse

Scarborough Fair / Folkal Point

Travellin’ Song / The Pentangle

Patrice / Simon Finn

Questions (Did You Know – Will We Be Alive) / Ithaca

Cymbaline / Pink Floyd

Never Let Go / Camel

The Happiest Man In The Carnival / Mighty Baby

On A Misty Morning / Catherine Howe

Everything That Touches Me / Mae McKenna

Foothills / Keith Christmas

Very Nice Of You To Call / Aardvark

Wayfarers All Vol 4

Wayfarers All : Volume Four

Some Good Advice / Bill Fay

Come Join My Orchestra / Al Jones

Sweet Painted Lady / Bridget St. John

The Colour Is Blue / Country Sun

Windfall / Offspring

Welcome To The Citadel / Marc Brierley

Forbidden Fruit / Roy Harper

All In A Dream / Steve Tilston

Images Of Passing Clouds / Gary Farr

Girl Of The Cosmos / Shide And Acorn

Not Preconceived / Arrival

Train Song / The Pentangle

Looking For Indians / Prelude

Magician In The Mountain / Sunforest

Close To Me / Christine Perfect

Love Colours / Mick Softley

Way Out Hermit / Moonkyte

Flying / Nigel Mazlyn Jones

Children Of The New World / Daevid Allen & Euterpe

Last Cloud Home / The Orange Bicycle

Oh bugger I made a mistake with Volume 4 ! It has All In A Dream by Steve Tilston in there, and this track was also used in Volume 2, sorry ! CDr copies have this track omitted.

Wayfarers All Vol 3

Wayfarers All : Volume Three

Where I Like To Stand / Vashti Bunyan

Flowers / The Sun Also Rises

Sand All Yellow / Kevin Coyne

Bottles / Belle Gonzalez

Scarborough Fair / Deena Webster

Trafalgar Square / Synanthesia

Upon Reflection / Heron

Edge Of The Sea / Prelude

JLT / T2

Love Song With Flute / Caravan

Visionary Mountains / Joan Armatrading

Ania / Claggers

My Music / Ritchie Francis

Dream / Terry Reid

B.C. People / Nadia Cattouse

Early Morning Eyes / The Parlour Band

Rosemary Hill / Fresh Maggots

You Know What Has To Be / Frozen Tears

She’s Far Away / Foggy

Wayfarers All : Volume Two

Wayfarers All : Volume Two

Cirrus Minor Intro / Pink Floyd

A Day A Way / Bridget St. John

Sweet Sunlight / Shelagh McDonald

Rose Hip November / Vashti Bunyan

Willow’s Theme / Lodestone

March Rain / Michael Chapman

Green Is The Colour / Pink Floyd

Autopsy / Fairport Convention

All In A Dream / Steve Tilston

Green / The Lion & The Fish

Commune / Roy Harper

Rainmaker / Traffic

Lady Of St. Clare / Daylight

Staggered / The Battered Ornaments

Forest And The Shore / Keith Christmas

Whims And Ways / Bryn Haworth

Clifftop / Richmond

The Family Theme / Mr. Brooks

Can You Hear Me Now / Mick Softley

Wayfarers All : Volume One

Wayfarers All : Volume One

Open The Box (Must Get Back To The Time Machine) / The Occasional Word

What Was I Thinking / Al Jones

River Lane / Melton Constable

Letter To Hermione / David Bowie

The Mutant / Trader Horne

Rolling And Tumbling / Synanthesia

The Good Mr. Square / She Was Tall She Was High / The Pretty Things

Sleepy Hollow / Manfred Mann

The Evil Venus Tree / The Occasional Word

Rowena / Meic Stevens

Sally Free And Easy / Marianne Faithfull

Umber Rag / Claggers

Fly High / Bridget St. John

Love Is Come Again / Parchment

Stargazer / Shelagh McDonald

Life Is A Long Song / Jethro Tull

Jig-saw / Del Richardson

Freewheel / Hard Meat

River / Terry Reid

Sucking On The Sweet Vine / Humble Pie

Time Machine / Mick Softley

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